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New Wheels: GramLight 57DR!!

Rays Engineering has released another killer new wheel this year. The GramLight 57DR. It’s a six spoke wheel based off of the GramLight 57D which was based off the GramLight 57Maximum. Great lineup of wheels each one out doing the next. The GramLight 57DR is available for special order from many different Rays vendors. Don’t hesitate to shoot us email if you’re looking for vendors to source any wheels seen on the blog.


On to the wheel sizes.
17×9 (+12, +22, +38)
18×8.5 (+38)
18×9.5 (+12, +22, +38)
18×10.5 (+12, +22)
All of them clear the Subaru Impreza WRX STi brembo calipers except the 17×9 +38mm.

These in 18×9.5 +38mm would be awesome on a GR STi.

The 18×10.5 +12mm would be perfect for a Karlton Fender Flare equipped GD STi. 🙂

Anyone ordered them yet?


Contributor Introduction: Boris aka. Boris has its second contributor!! Everyone give a warm welcome to Boris. Some of you know him as Boris the moderator on IWSTI who isn’t afraid to slam down the ban hammer, others simply know him as Boris.

Boris is the driver of a very clean 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX STi with over 130k miles on the odometer. Boris bought the car with a scant 30k miles. Over the years Boris has put on 100k miles and over 45 1/4 mile passes.

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Top Scoob Voting going on NOW!! Vote for PignoseSTI!!

Hey everyone. Karlton is going for Top Scoob 028 Stone Cone Killers!! Vote for PignoseSTI

Vote on Nasioc HERE NOW!!

Many of you are familiar with this car as it’s been sprinkled all over the blog over the years. From stock body with a little pull, to crazy pull and 305s to the now famous Karlton Flares!!

Do vote, be sure to vote in each round. Right now (3/15/2012) they are in round #2. You can vote once each round.

Here’s Karlton’s entry form into Top Scoob 028.

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How To: Properly Modify 05-07 GD STi Rear Fenders MORE! AKA Fender Pulling!

I’ve had multiple requests and questions about how to further modify ones fenders on a 05-07 GD Subaru Impreza WRX STi. For some people, the normal fender mods seen here in my previous article are not enough to fit their more aggressive wheel fitments. This is also known as a fender pull, even though there is no physical pulling of the fender. I haven’t forgotten about the guys looking for the wider wheels or lower offsets. A big thank you goes out to Matt aka. The Limited Project for documenting his process. This is the exact process I did for my personal car. Lets get straight to it!

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Feb 26th CFR SCCA AutoX

Location: Gun Range Rd. Geneva FL. It seems to be a police gun range and a small run way/taxi area that doesn’t appear to be regularly used. The road leading to the runway is HORRIBLE!! holy crap is it bad. haha.

We had 66 entrants, a guy in a new Mustang GT who yelled at me on my way to work a few months back was there which was cool. There was a strong S2k showing, they were going so fast their magnets kept coming off. 

Weather: It was cloudy all day but the temps were in the 50’s so I was content with a long sleeve shirt and a hoody for 90% of the day. It did sprinkle during the first run group but everyone got at least 2 dry runs. It didn’t rain in the afternoon.

Car Prep, Course Walk, Tech Inspection: I got there EARLY, pulled in at about 7:15am behind the main organzier and course designer. They already had a few guys setting up the course so I stripped the stuff out of my car.

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AutoX @ OCCC hosted by CFR SCCA on Oct 22nd 2011.

AutoX @ Orange County Convention Center hosted by Central Florida Region SCCA on Oct 22nd 2011.

This is my first run of the day, and there is no question I got lost. You’ll notice I nearly come to a stand still after one of the chicago boxes. I was looking ahead and I was unsure of which way to go. Luckily I chose the right direction. Final time for the run was 55.958 my slowest by time by over 9 seconds. I also was playing with wind noise reduction today, gain is set below 10 and I taped some microphone foam over the microphone. Its an improvement over nothing, but it isn’t perfect yet. As you’ll see there were a few cones in my way I decided to run over, i took one of them all the way back to grid.

Click, more to see the other videos. Be sure to click through to the Contour site to see them full screen!

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