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New Enkei Wheel! Enkei Racing RS05RR

If any of you guys follow me on instagram @t3hclap you’ll notice I was getting all excited over a picture posted by @kent_enkei_Wheels_jp. After I saw the wheel I did some digging. I knew Enkei had a few new wheels up their sleeves but this one really stands out.

The Enkei RS05RR. It comes in 3 different faces and some very nice size options. It’s good to see Enkei come out with an 18×11!!

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New 57Ultimate from gram Lights

The guys at Rays Engineering and gram Lights have released a new wheel. This wheel looks awesome, especially in the blue.

Gram Light 57 Ultimate and 57 Ultimate SC come in a lot of sizes. Not too many Subaru friendly wide ones but there are plenty to satisfy the guys wanting a lower offset.
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New Advan Wheels. RG-D, RZ-DF.

Advan has done it again. Releasing yet another wheel that makes people drool over their computer key boards or for a lucky few drool on the Yokohama model at TAS earlier this year. Enough talk, look at the new Advan RG-D and Advan RZ-DF.

Yokohama Wheel Advan RG-D
Advan RG-D

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This EVO X is No Slouch.

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution has been around just as long as the Subaru Impreza WRX. They’ve been battling back and forth for just as long. The latest iteration of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is the EVO X. The Mitsubishi EVO X is an evolution from its older siblings in nearly every way. The EVO featured here is a perfect example of the new Mitsubishi EVO X. Archie’s car is no slouch and has had 3 sets of wheels already (not including the stockers).

EVO X 19x10.5 CE28Ns
EVO X 19x10.5 CE28Ns

Archie hasn’t done things slowly in terms of modifying. He had some killer 18×9.5 TE37s on his car shortly after buying it. Then he decided to run some very slick 19×9.5 AME TM02’s.
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