Contributor Introduction: Boris aka. Boris has its second contributor!! Everyone give a warm welcome to Boris. Some of you know him as Boris the moderator on IWSTI who isn’t afraid to slam down the ban hammer, others simply know him as Boris.

Boris is the driver of a very clean 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX STi with over 130k miles on the odometer. Boris bought the car with a scant 30k miles. Over the years Boris has put on 100k miles and over 45 1/4 mile passes.

Currently his personal bests in the 1/4 are

ET: 12.4

Trap: 110 mph

Boris has always had a subtle style, you wont see his STi running around with a huge spoiler and crazy body kit. Boris prefers the Limited Trunk Lip Spoiler with stock front end. He’s not afraid to push the envelope though as you’ll see with his wheel color choice. It doesn’t scream at you like a neon gramLight 57D would, but it’s noticeable. It hints that this isn’t your normal STi.

Boris will be contributing to the blog in the coming months with some product reviews and event coverage. Boris lives in the New England area and he hits as many events as he can.

Being a No Sponsor Brand Sponsor Driver, Boris will be hitting at least 4 more events this year. Boris competed in the 2012 Street Wars 1 competition this past weekend at Raceway Park in English Town, New Jersey aka. E-Town.

Future mods for Boris include a new turbo, because his VF39 recently bit the dust.

Stay tuned for articles by Boris and if you’re at a 1/4 mile track in the North East keep your eyes out for a properly stanced WRB STi on a set of stock BBS Wheels painted an OEM Nissan Color called Millenium Jade Metallic.

Here is a link to his IWSTI Journal, be sure to check it out to follow the current progress of Boris and his STi!

Everyone say hi to Boris!

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