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Impreza WRX and WRX STI Power Steering System Parts and Fixes

Collection of Power Steering System Part #s and fixes for the Subaru Impreza WRX and WRX STI.

OEM Replacement Pieces
Return Hose: 34611AG210
Suction Hose: 34611AG220
Inlet O-Ring: 34439FG000

Return Hose: 34611FE050
Suction Hose: 34611FE130
Inlet O-Ring: 34439FG000

There are some very nice aftermarket options to help assemble a custom suction hose. I’ll update this with more info later.

Impreza Gearing Spreadsheet

Hey everyone, it’s been too long since I’ve posted anything at all. A mixture of life, racing, and work have slowed down the updates. Hopefully more to come in the near future.

I’ve had a spreadsheet for a long time that I pilfered and highly modified. It’s a full transmission calc with editable fields for Tire diameter, final drive and redline/shift point. It’s come in handy multiple times.

Mind you these are theoretical numbers based on math, real world figures may vary slightly dependent on actual redline, true rolling diameter of the tires and accuracy of your MPH devices. It’s a great tool.

It’s published on a public google sheet and you can download it if you’d like or edit the blue variables and see live changes to MPH. I’ve included columns for numerous different examples if you wanted to see the comparison between a 25″ and 25.7″ tire or compare the difference in MPH based on redline.

Enough chatter, here’s the link.
Impreza Gearing Spreadsheet

Any questions or comments don’t hesitate to fire them off our way.


Brembo Clearance: Enkei NT03+M

This week we’re focusing on the popular wheels in the Enkei Racing line. We’ve covered the RPF1 already and it’s time for the NT03+M. The NT03+M is a popular wheel yet a challenge for many. The Concave face version is highly coveted for the style yet it has brembo clearance issues. The convex face version is not nearly as popular but offers great sizing in 17″ and they can usually be found used for very cheap.

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Brembo Clearance: Enkei RPF1 ALL SIZES!!

Long time no post, I’m coming back with more info here in the coming weeks. If there are any topics or featured cars you’d like me to cover comment or shoot us a message.

One of the most common questions I see online is, “Will xx RPF1 clear my brembos?” Time to compile some data so it’s easy to find.

295 Hoosier A7 Karlton Flares RPF1s

Here is a comprehensive break down of the Enkei RPF1 Brembo clearance for the STI brembos with their spacer sizes where necessary.

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AutoX: Oskaloosa Iowa Region SCCA 2014-7-27

Hey everyone, going to keep this one short and sweet. Had a great event the last weekend of July. This week it was back in Oskaloosa at the airport. The day was a bit windy (as you’ll hear in the video) but other than that the weather was awesome. We got a total of 6 runs and enjoyed a really fun layout with a fast cross over. I was having issues with the start, but that’s one of my weak points. This run I got all data to sync up and work!! Check it out. (click continue reading to see video and pics)
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AutoX: Hawkeye Downs Iowa Region SCCA 2014-7-13

If you’ve been following you’ll notice there has been a lot of racing lately. Hawkeye Downs is the closest location to our new digs, it’s always fun to do events close by. Going to numerous events and locations is crucial for a few reasons, including variation and exposure. Variation gives you the opportunity to experience different surfaces, course designers, and competition. Exposure means you get a chance to meet new people and they get to meet you, if you’ve got sponsors or contingencies the more exposure the better! Exposure also means the people running the show remember your face/car, this is important if you’re looking to do more activities within the region/club.

AutoX plays an important role in the amateur racing world, it’s a great place for people to get inexpensive exposure to safe competition. It’s also great for experienced drivers to hone and fine tune a separate set of skills that they rarely get to use. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, get out there and go autoxing. Find your region, find your local clubs and go racing.

Lets talk about the Hawkeye Downs event hosted by the Iowa Region SCCA and watch some videos.
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