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Want help with your wheel or suspension setup from a 3rd party? We would love to help you with your setup so you can pick the right setup the first time. Save $$ and time by learning what size you need and what work you’ll need to do for your desired setup.

Curious on caliper clearance? Not sure if you’ll need fender work? Want to know the biggest and widest tire you can run on your current setup without fender work?

Fill out the questionnaire below, include your question(s), and we’ll respond. Below is a basic guide of pricing.

Due to the extreme number of fitment inquiries we receive (sometimes in excess of 50 per week), we can no longer give this service away. We feel that this very reasonable fee is the best way to continue to provide this service to as many people as possible while not interfering with day to day Clap operations.

It is our passion to help people with all of their setup needs and questions. We want to be able to help as many drivers as we can; from the driver wanting to step up from AS to STU, or the driver wanting to go with a new wheel but may be curious if they will work with their current suspension or fender work.

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Setup Consulting

Upon ordering consulting we will reach out with a questionnaire to help guide the consulting process. Please be prepared to answer the following questions.

Name: (I hope this one is easy)
Email: (If different from PayPal)
Vehicle Info: (Make/Model/Year)
Current Suspension: (what is on the car now, or already purchased and going on the car soon)
Current Wheels: (what is on the car now, or already purchased and going on the car soon)
Desired Setup: (what setup you want to run if different from above)
Classes you race in: (which sanctioning body and which classes do you race in?)

2 thoughts on “Clap Consulting”

  1. hey i have an 2006 sti i have v3 coilovers but im having issues with rubbing on the rear fender i have recently grinded the inner lip off for more fitment. but still i rub dig into the tire when im goin hard 80 plus into a turn at the track. i have 18×8.5 42MM rota grid concaves on right now. and i am very long in the back about one finger of clearance. i don’t know much about wheels and what not. but i really wanted to buy some enkei NT03’s . but i wanna autoX with so i can’t have rubbing . and im not a big fan of spacers. any help on the subject or the right size wheel and tire would be amazing and if there was a NT03 that would work and clear the brembos

  2. 2013 Subaru sti wagon.
    Looking at the Enkei Raijin in an 18 x 9.5. Looks like the offset is + 35. Tire: 165 x 35 x 18.
    I’m ok with rolling the fenders and understand it will need to be done. Is 35 mm offset enough? What will need to be done to get a good fit without rubbing? Not planning on getting coil overs until next spring.
    Any tire recs for summer everyday use?

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