New Wheels: GramLight 57DR!!

Rays Engineering has released another killer new wheel this year. The GramLight 57DR. It’s a six spoke wheel based off of the GramLight 57D which was based off the GramLight 57Maximum. Great lineup of wheels each one out doing the next. The GramLight 57DR is available for special order from many different Rays vendors. Don’t hesitate to shoot us email if you’re looking for vendors to source any wheels seen on the blog.


On to the wheel sizes.
17×9 (+12, +22, +38)
18×8.5 (+38)
18×9.5 (+12, +22, +38)
18×10.5 (+12, +22)
All of them clear the Subaru Impreza WRX STi brembo calipers except the 17×9 +38mm.

These in 18×9.5 +38mm would be awesome on a GR STi.

The 18×10.5 +12mm would be perfect for a Karlton Fender Flare equipped GD STi. 🙂

Anyone ordered them yet?


8 thoughts on “New Wheels: GramLight 57DR!!”

  1. Just emailed RavSpec to check on availability…have to wait and see! 18X9.5 would look cool on my car…bronze finish is a plus too!

  2. RavSpec will have these coming in late April early May and my fault…they are not availble in bronze

  3. Hello, I was looking at getting this set of wheels on my 07 sti and some flares in a little bit; and I was looking at one of the cars on your blog here that was running 18×10.5 +25. In this article you recommend +12 with the flares. I’m glad the +22’s clear the brembros, as I was hoping…just wondering what the benefit to running +12’s would be? Wouldn’t the +22’s look a little more agressive than the +12’s? Thanks for any input.

  4. +12mm with the lower offset will be more aggressive compared to the +22mm. With the Karlton Flares you’ll want the +12mm to fully utilize the Karlton Flares. If you’re doing a wide body like the APR you’ll want to do the +22mm as the +12mm is too low of an offset for them. Are you looking at running the Karlton Flares?

  5. Well, thanks for the input. I had found these wheels independently and was happy to find a review specifically for sti’s. I’ve contacted Karlton and will probably be purchasing a set of flares shortly after I purchase the wheels… which will now be +12

  6. I have a 2012 STI with 1″ drop lowering springs. Would I be able to run the 18×9.5 +22 with just a fender roll?

  7. No, this offset requires serious fender work, coilovers, and excessive camber. Even after this be prepared to rub. +22mm isn’t ideal.

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