Kendrick’s Super Street SPOCOM MEGA Trip!!

As much as I want to do a deep dive into Kendrik’s STI right now and give my take on his epic trip, I’m going to let him give you the run down and play by play. We will be doing a formal build post on Kendrick’s car in the near future. Stay tuned!

From Kendrick’s FB Post, copied with permission from Kendrick.

I was selected to compete in the 2019 #SuperStreet Show Car Shootout sponsored by #Eneos Oil. This event consisted of two portions obviously a car show and then to prove the point a track day with instruction from some professional drivers. This is full recap of the trip.

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Volk Racing ZE40 2018 STI. Perfection.

This will be short, this will be sweet.

18×9.5 +45mm Volk Racing ZE40s in Matte Blue

275/35/18 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

THAT’S IT! The newer STIs are a blast to drive in stock trim. They may be more refined and less raw compared to the older models but that doesn’t take away the joy. The only thing the STI NEEDS right away (besides a Cylinder 4 coolant mode) is a proper set of 18×9.5s and some sticky 275/35/18 tires.

DO IT, look how perfect this is! That is all. Enjoy.

Enkei rpf1 fitment 2015+ WRX

The Enkei RPF1 is a popular option for many Subaru owners. It’s weight, classic styling and price point are all very appealing. Sometimes the sizing can cause issues. I’ve done multiple posts over the years about the RPF1 but I haven’t done a specific one on the 2015+ WRX (without brembos).

The 2015+ WRX being 5×114.3 opens up a lot of options in the RPF1 world. Previous gen WRXs were all 5×100 and there aren’t many OTS options in the old bolt pattern so people couldn’t get into too much trouble.

17″ Options:

  • 17×8 +45mm
  • 17×9 +45mm
  • 17×9 +35mm
  • 17×9.5 +38mm
  • 17×10 +38mm

18″ Options:

  • 18×8 +45mm
  • 18×9 +35mm
  • 18×9.5 +38mm
  • 18×10 +38mm

All the options listed will clear the stock brakes on the 2015+ WRX. Not all sizes will work with all suspension setups and some work maybe required to clear fenders. Also tire selection plays a big role in what will and will not work.

The RPF1 is available in many lower offsets as well. Getting these to fit on a 2015+ WRX is a big struggle and you’ll be forced to run a tiny tire with excessive camber. If that’s your thing then go for it.

As always if there are more questions don’t hesitate to reach out.