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Logan’s Top Scoob Winning GR STi w/ 18×10’s!

Logan’s GR STI was voted the Top Scoob in Nasioc’s world famous Top Scoob poll. Shortly you’ll see why if you don’t already know. It’s rarely easy to modify a Subaru, Logan’s GR STI is no different. It took time, dedication and a very thought out modification path. Logan stuck with it and is now driving around in a Top Scoob.


I’ve got the current Top Scoob himself Logan here to chit chat about his setup a little. This car looks amazing. skip the small talk, here is Top Scoob Logan’s GR Subaru Impreza WRX STI with 18×10 Advan RZ’s.

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New Rays Engineering Website.

I don’t normally post random “holy crap this is awesome” posts, but there is a first for everything.

The recently updated Rays Engineering site is really amazing. The functionality is increased along with speed and usability.


Check it out and give me your thoughts.

This will make searching easier and should help expose some of the lesser known Rays brands.

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Round 1: Building T3h_Clap’s STU STi

I’m heading to STU. I want to get back to street tires.

I’ll be putting together a few articles with the build progress and parts accumulation.

The build is going to be a simple STU build. Suspension, Bushings, Wheels, Tires and Driver tuning. 🙂

Round 1: Bushings, Mounts, Shifter from Turn In Concepts

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