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No Power != No Fun. Ivan’s Subaru BRZ is ready for anything

Everyone sits on the bench yelling back and forth about this, and that. Not enough power, needs AWD, shouldn’t have Prius tires, why does it need rear seats, needs a turbo, the arguments never seem to end. Yet, ultimately none of this bench racing matters, because guess what? The 86 twins are awesome. There was never a car produced that made everyone happy, not one. Except maybe the Dodge Omni GLH that thing was awesome. Anyway, back to the topic at hand, Ivan’s BRZ. Everyone who knows Ivan or has ever seen Ivan’s old STI knew the BRZ wasn’t going to stay stock for long. I’m pretty sure it was stock for all of 10 minutes.
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Teaser: Rising from the Ashes

What build has a Varis Widebody, Volk TE37SLs, R888s, JRZs, Fully Built Block, HUGE Twin Scroll EFR Turbo and 544k views on his IWSTI journal?
Still not sure?
Not possible.
Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve seen this car.
This build is none other than….

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Tim’s AutoX Monster. Yes it needs that wing, yes it will devour your soul.

Over the years Tim’s GC has changed, I’ve been wanting to do an article on his car for a few years. I’m finally getting the chance. Here is a little teaser of Tim’s car. And yes those are 315 Hoosiers.

This car is setup for AutoX running in Street Modified (aka. SM). SM is known for their big wheels, bigger tires and huge wings. Look out for Tim’s feature coming up and find him at National AutoX Events!

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EFI Logics Shop Race Car introduction

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Pete @ EFI Logics located in Bethel Connecticut about their 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STi Racecar.

A friend of mine tagged t3hClap  on an EFI Logics post about cheap race tires. Me being always in the market to reduce my expenditures on tires I shot Pete an Email. Unfortunately they were only looking to sell the tires locally. I did get a chance to ask Pete some questions about their awesome EFI Logics Race Car they’ve been running for a few years now. Below is that little chat. Read on and enjoy a few snap shots. The guys over at EFI Logics know how to build STi’s.

Clap: What is the Year, Make and Model of the EFI Logics Race Car?
Pete@EFI: It’s a 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STi.

Clap: Every EFI car has a name, what’s the Race Cars name?
Pete@EFI: To be clear, Rob, our engine tech names all of his engines so he can keep track of modifications and engine specs – it’s a memory cue for him. This car’s engine’s name is Ari.

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Ivan’s 2011 STi 18×9.5 +38mm x2

Today we have a new feature on a car that isn’t a GD, but a GR whose owner has an interesting flare all his own. This 2011 World Rally Blue STI sedan is an eye grabber two and three times over. If you see this beast driving by not only do you look back for seconds, sometimes you find yourself guilty of thirds. His name is Ivan Tukhtin, and if the looks of the car don’t catch you then the sound of very loud and typically very Russian music will. Ivan is also quite interested in photography, so rather than shower you with my shots for this feature; we will use all of his own.

Day one started off as normal as it can, for a Subaru owner.

Take a look at the rest of Ivan’s car by hitting MORE.
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Revolutionary Sports Team 2004 Subaru STi Rally Car

Revolutionary Sports Team is a US based group that focuses on extreme sports competition including freestyle skiing, alpine mountaineering, and endurance sports. However, at the forefront of their efforts is performance rallying. The team owner and driver, Sam Albert, is a U.S. Army officer who got into stage rally racing in early 2009 when he began converting his 2004 Subaru STi into a full fledged open class rally car. Almost a year later he entered his first competition, Sandblast Rally 2010, where he placed fifth overall. 

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