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New Wheels: GramLight 57DR!!

Rays Engineering has released another killer new wheel this year. The GramLight 57DR. It’s a six spoke wheel based off of the GramLight 57D which was based off the GramLight 57Maximum. Great lineup of wheels each one out doing the next. The GramLight 57DR is available for special order from many different Rays vendors. Don’t hesitate to shoot us email if you’re looking for vendors to source any wheels seen on the blog.


On to the wheel sizes.
17×9 (+12, +22, +38)
18×8.5 (+38)
18×9.5 (+12, +22, +38)
18×10.5 (+12, +22)
All of them clear the Subaru Impreza WRX STi brembo calipers except the 17×9 +38mm.

These in 18×9.5 +38mm would be awesome on a GR STi.

The 18×10.5 +12mm would be perfect for a Karlton Fender Flare equipped GD STi. 🙂

Anyone ordered them yet?


What’s in the box? ContourGPS!!

Do you do track days? Do you autox? Do you do cruises or car shows? Then you need to check out the Contour cameras. These cameras are awesome. There are multiple cameras available, I decided to opt for the ContourGPS. I ordered mine with a few extras and recieved it within a few days. Check out what’s inside.

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Impreza WRX STI on Work Emotion CR Kiwami 18×8.5

I just wanted to show off this gorgeous car from across the atlantic. It’s the first set of Work Emotion Kiwamis I’ve seen actually installed and they look awesome.
Quick specs:
2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI
Stock Suspension
Work Emotion Kiwami 18×8.5 +38mm GTS
245/40/18 Dunlop SP600

See the pics!!

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Work Emotion CR Kiwami

Work has tweaked their classic Work Emotion CR once again with a new model called the Work Emotion CR Kiwami. They changed the spoke design and made it more concave, this wheel is looking awesome. I’m not sure when they’ll be available for sale stateside but I’ll keep everyone posted.

Work has added Matte-Black to the new Work Emotion CR Kiwami color lineup. I really like the little detail they did on the spokes to differentiate the new CE Kiwami from previous Emotion CR models.

Click more for the photos of the different colors.
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Go Ginormous or GTFO, 18×10.5s GD Impreza

There has been a lot of chat out there about a certain set of new fender flares that are on the market. I get a lot of questions about what wheels are available in the correct sizes. A few months back I compiled a list of 18×10.5s and it’s about time I shared it with everyone.

The sweet spot is 18×10.5 +15mm with a 295/30/18, coilovers and some camber. Go Ginormous or GTFO.

This first post will be all 1 piece wheels that clear the STi Brembos, the 2/3 piece article will come later once we know exactly how aggressive we can go with these monster flares Karlton has created.

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New 57Ultimate from gram Lights

The guys at Rays Engineering and gram Lights have released a new wheel. This wheel looks awesome, especially in the blue.

Gram Light 57 Ultimate and 57 Ultimate SC come in a lot of sizes. Not too many Subaru friendly wide ones but there are plenty to satisfy the guys wanting a lower offset.
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