Go Ginormous or GTFO, 18×10.5s GD Impreza

There has been a lot of chat out there about a certain set of new fender flares that are on the market. I get a lot of questions about what wheels are available in the correct sizes. A few months back I compiled a list of 18×10.5s and it’s about time I shared it with everyone.

The sweet spot is 18×10.5 +15mm with a 295/30/18, coilovers and some camber. Go Ginormous or GTFO.

This first post will be all 1 piece wheels that clear the STi Brembos, the 2/3 piece article will come later once we know exactly how aggressive we can go with these monster flares Karlton has created.

RZ-DF 18×10.5 +15mm

Advan RZ-DF
Advan RZ-DF

RG-D 18×10.5 +15mm

RG-D Gold
Advan RG-D

TCII 18×10.5 +15mm (GTR Face)

Advan TCII


PF01 18×10.5 +15mm

Enkei PF01

RPF1 18×10.5 +15mm

Enkei RPF1

NT03+M 18×10.5 +30mm

Enkei NT03+M


57g 18×10.5 +12mm (Face 3)

GramLight 57G


TS06 18×10.5 +15mm


Volk Racing

RE30 18×10.5 +18mm (L2)

Volk Racing RE30

CE28N 18×10.5 +18mm

Volk Racing CE28N

TE37 SL 18×10.5 +15mm

Volk Racing TE37 SL

TE37 18×10.5 +15mm

Volk Racing TE37


G2 18×10.5 +27mm (F3)



TC105N 18×10.5 +12mm (RR)

WedsSport TC105N

4 thoughts on “Go Ginormous or GTFO, 18×10.5s GD Impreza”

  1. love the fender flares on the sti. sent you an email last night. pretty much set on volk te37’s 18×10.5 with 12mm or 15mm offset. where can i get those flares at?!

  2. Man, I sure do love me some TE37’s. ESPECIALLY the SL’s. Just also wish I could afford a compressed graphite wheel too, LOL.

    Thanks for the update on the wheels that will for sure fit. Hopefully I’ll get to try out or have more than one B.A. set for my STi (Blackbird……see Wangan Midnight).

  3. Could you please get me in contact with the guy that is making the flares. Thanks in advance.

  4. You may wish to check out my car at a shop in my area in Vancouver, BC.
    It’s called the Speed Syndicate and we have done a massive amount of custom work on my car including a full V-Mount IC setup. More importantly for what you are interested in my car is a 2005 OBP STi and features an 18 x 11 with +18 offset TE37 SL’s.

    http://www.thespeedsyndicate.com Site is getting rebuilt but there will be some major updates to the build within the next month or so.

    How is that for “Go Big or go Home?”

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