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17x10s and 275s, the BSP Minimum! T3h_clap’s BSP STi

Building a streetable BSP car isn’t too hard. You just have to make sacrifices. Sacrifices to Driveability, and Ultimate BSP Preparation.

1.) How much blood do I want in my urine? 10k/8k or 14k/12k?

2.) NVH “WHAT? I Can’t hear you”

3.) How am I supposed to fit 17x10s and 275s in my backseat!? 😀

Is it possible to build a BSP car without these sacrifices? yes, but you give up speed and leave time on the course where ever tenth counts.

I figured it was time to do a little article on my own car, T3h_Clap.

Built for BSP Autox Competition and Daily Driven in the wonderful state of Florida.

MY05 STi 17x10 CCWs 275/40/17 V710s

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“Streetable” the STU STi

In stock form the Subaru Impreza WRX STi is no slouch in the suspension department. This doesn’t mean it can’t be better, but how far do you go?

Lowering springs that limit the performance and wheel/tire selection or kidney bruising coilovers?

There is a proper middle ground to setting up an STi that is still competitive at the Autox.

Karlton has found that middle ground, the middle ground also happens to include a few sets of 9.5″ wheels!!

Karlton's RP03 Equipped STi

Karlton bought this STi in November of 2005, and after about 500 miles and its first oil change, Karlton took it to its first autocross.

Karlton planned on not modifying this car at all and just running it for fun in A Stock. (We all know how this story pans out)

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Work Wheels Brembo Clearance Round 1: Emotion Series

Hey guys,Recently there has been a bit of a stir of what Work Emotions will and will not clear the Brembo brakes found standard on the Subaru Impreza WRX STi. As we all know the Brembos can be a bit challenging finding a wheel that fits without spacers or other modifications.

Quickly I want to Thank the guys over at RavSpec Online who were kind enough to Sponsor this article.

Here is a list of Work Emotion Wheels that are known to clear brembos from independent sources and from Work themselves, lets get started.

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