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Brembo Clearance: Enkei RPF1 18×10 +38mm

Enkei RPF1 is probably the best wheel in the world. LOL, kidding, but kinda serious. It’s one of those wheels that has stuck around for ages and every year we figure a new car they work on. Hell Enkei still comes out with new sizes or bolt patterns. Ranging from a 14×7 to an 18×10.5 they’ve got nearly everyone covered. Alright enough about Enkei and lets focus on the specific size on hand. The 18×10 +38mm is normally 5×114.3 but there have been a few special order runs in 5×100 not many though.

The 18×10 +38mm requires a 5mm spacer to clear the STI Brembos. Some people have gotten away with a 3mm spacer, but it’s too close for comfort in my eyes. I also believe it’s smart to always run extended wheel studs in conjunction with spacers.

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Japanese Wheel Wednesday: Volk Racing ZE40

Volk Racing recently released the new ZE40. It’s a multi-spoke wheel with a mild concave. If has 3 available faces depending on size/bolt pattern. Face 1 and Face 2 look to have good caliper clearance even in the higher offsets.

It’s nice to see Volk Racing offering a standard bronze color on the new wheel. Take a look and tell us what you think. I’ve broken down some of the available sizes and included Brembo Clearance data. Check it out! Hint: they make an 18×12!!

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Volk Racing CE28 RT Info and Pics Released! | Japan Wheel Wednesday

Volk is at it again. They’ve released the RT version of the CE28N in select sizes. The wheel looks great and we’re starting to see more high offset wide wheels in 5×100!! The BRZ/FRS/WRX crowd should be doing a jig or at the very least break dancing in public.

Starting with the excellent design of the CE28N, Volk stepped it up made it stronger, lighter and RED!!. As with the TE37RT the Logo on the spokes is now etched into the wheel instead of the traditional sticker. These really look great, I wish they had some more sizes available. Maybe we can get a push for some 18×10 +40mm versions. :naughty:

CE28 RT logo

Enough with the chit chat, check out the wheel (click More below for the full gallery)
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Enkei GTC01RR | Japan Wheel Wednesday

It’s Wednesday in Japan, so why not show off a new wheel from Enkei Japan. There has been some chatter about the RS05RR lately since it’s due to finally hit American shores in a few months, time to stir up some interest in the brand new Enkei GTC01RR!! Classic split six spoke design with multiple faces available, and some really nice proposed sizes. Enough talk, take a look at the photos, tell me what you think. Will these be your next set of wheels? Buy Karlton Flares to allow you to run the Rear face on all 4 corners? It’s tempting.

1 Enkei GTC01RR Logo

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Volk Racing TE37RT | New Wheel info!!

Quick little write up about the new Volk Racing TE37RT. Volk released the info on this wheel earlier in the year and it’s time for an article. The TE37 RT is concave in many different sizes and they even offer an 18×10 in 5×100!! Unfortunately for BBK equipped BRZ/FRS and 04 STI owners the 18×10 +44mm 5×100 doesn’t clear brembos.

8 TE37 RT Logo Volk Racing

The TE37RT is only available in Red, it’s still your standard TE37 6 spoke and it shares a similar concave setup as the TE37SL. It comes in only a select few sizes, but they cover a wide range of applications. Including the BRZ, FRS, STi, EVO, Porsche, GTR etc.
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Picking the right wheels Round 1 Performance

Picking the right wheel isn’t easy, there are loads of options out there. This step by step will help narrow down that list making your decision easier.

First things first is requirements. This sets the stage entirely. A Daily Driver setup that needs to get good gas mileage and have long treadlife will require different criteria then a Autox Only or a Dual Duty (Street/Track) setup. These simple steps apply to all setups that are concerned about performance. I’ll do a separate article for the Form guys as well.

Ask yourself What do I want/need these for?

This is also when you determine tire width, as tire width is the most important aspect of what you plan on using the wheels for. Tire width can be limited by AutoX class, price, availability, or overall height.
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