Volk Racing CE28 RT Info and Pics Released! | Japan Wheel Wednesday

Volk is at it again. They’ve released the RT version of the CE28N in select sizes. The wheel looks great and we’re starting to see more high offset wide wheels in 5×100!! The BRZ/FRS/WRX crowd should be doing a jig or at the very least break dancing in public.

Starting with the excellent design of the CE28N, Volk stepped it up made it stronger, lighter and RED!!. As with the TE37RT the Logo on the spokes is now etched into the wheel instead of the traditional sticker. These really look great, I wish they had some more sizes available. Maybe we can get a push for some 18×10 +40mm versions. :naughty:

CE28 RT logo

Enough with the chit chat, check out the wheel (click More below for the full gallery)

What does everyone think of the Red? Too much? Just right? Anyone looking to jump on and get the first set of these stateside? There aren’t many sizes good for the GR/GD STi currently unless you’re shooting for the super low offset, loads of camber. Although paired with a Fulcrum Aero wide body the 18×9.5 +24mm would be a great match with a sticky 265/35/18 street tire.

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