Japanese Wheel Wednesday: Volk Racing ZE40

Volk Racing recently released the new ZE40. It’s a multi-spoke wheel with a mild concave. If has 3 available faces depending on size/bolt pattern. Face 1 and Face 2 look to have good caliper clearance even in the higher offsets.

It’s nice to see Volk Racing offering a standard bronze color on the new wheel. Take a look and tell us what you think. I’ve broken down some of the available sizes and included Brembo Clearance data. Check it out! Hint: they make an 18×12!!

5×100 (* denotes brembo fitment)
18×8.5 +45mm* (Face 1)
18×9 +40mm* (Face 2)
18×9.5 +43mm* (Face 2)
18×10 +40mm (Face 3)

5×114.3 (* denotes brembo fitment)
18×8.5 +35mm*, +42mm*, +50mm (Face 1)
18×9 +45mm* (Face 1)
18×9 +25mm* +35mm* (Face 2)
18×9.5 +45mm* (Face 2)
18×9.5 +22mm* +30mm* (Face 3)
18×10 +20mm* +35mm* +39mm (Face 3)
18×10.5 +15mm* +24mm* (Face 3)
18×11 +15mm* (Face 3)
18×12 +20mm* (Face 3)

The BRZ/FRS has been a blessing for the 5×100 Subaru crowd, look at that 18×9.5 +43mm in 5×100!! No special order!! (well other than standard Volk special ordering).

Many of the sizes clear brembos without a spacer, it also appears the 18×10 +39mm 5×114.3 would only need a small 3-5mm spacer to clear the front calipers.

18×11 +15mm would be a great option for a Karlton Flare equipped GD.
18×10.5 +24mm is still a bit low for the stock body GR crowd, if you’re trying to run a reasonable sized tire.
18×9.5 +45mm in Face 2 will be perfect for the GR/GV crowd not looking to run coilovers but wanting a 275/35/18. Perfection I tell ya!

Japanese Wheel Wednesday is almost over, so I need to get this out there. Stay tuned for more articles.


4 thoughts on “Japanese Wheel Wednesday: Volk Racing ZE40”

  1. 275 is pushing it with inboard and outboard clearance. A 255/35/18 is possible with the right coilovers and the camber plate/bolt trick. It’s going to be a lot of fender work and you’ll need a lot of camber -3.0 front -2.0 rear at least.

  2. I have a 2004 STi, and I am looking at the 17×8.5 +44 (5×100) size. On their site, it says that the 17×8.5 +45 (5×114.3) will fit a 2005 STi, but the 17 x8.5 +44 is on the “competition size” tab, and it has not been test fitted on a STi. Does this 1mm offset make that big of a difference? or is the wheel a slight difference in geometry? What are your thoughts?

    Thanks in advance

  3. They are both listed as a Face-2 and the 1mm lower offset should in theory help with caliper clearances. I can do some digging for your and find out for sure.

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