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Japanese Wheel Wednesday: GramLight 57C6

Say hello to the GramLight 57C6. It’s a classically designed 6 spoke wheel. GramLight chose to go extreme with the faces for the 57C6. Going wider on the 57C6 to get extremely concave, so much so it causes some caliper clearance issues. Luckily with the help of a consulting client and our friends at Penguin Garage we were able to get some test fitting. Below you’ll find the breakdown of the available sizes and the known issues. Plus a few pictures!

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Volk Racing TE37RT | New Wheel info!!

Quick little write up about the new Volk Racing TE37RT. Volk released the info on this wheel earlier in the year and it’s time for an article. The TE37 RT is concave in many different sizes and they even offer an 18×10 in 5×100!! Unfortunately for BBK equipped BRZ/FRS and 04 STI owners the 18×10 +44mm 5×100 doesn’t clear brembos.

8 TE37 RT Logo Volk Racing

The TE37RT is only available in Red, it’s still your standard TE37 6 spoke and it shares a similar concave setup as the TE37SL. It comes in only a select few sizes, but they cover a wide range of applications. Including the BRZ, FRS, STi, EVO, Porsche, GTR etc.
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BRZ photos!! Co-Worker snags first hand pics of BRZ.

I’m sitting at work today thinking about how I should figure out how to solve my EGT issues and I get the following picture in a text message…

Yeah, that’s what I said. “WTF a BRZ? AWESOME!! GET ME MORE PICS NOW! please”. My Co-worker had no idea what he was looking at, but he had the right frame of mind to take more photos and send them to me. Mind you he’s no pro photographer, but he did get to see a BRZ up close and personal. I’m still waiting to talk to him to see how it sounded.

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