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Kendrick’s Super Street SPOCOM MEGA Trip!!

As much as I want to do a deep dive into Kendrik’s STI right now and give my take on his epic trip, I’m going to let him give you the run down and play by play. We will be doing a formal build post on Kendrick’s car in the near future. Stay tuned!

From Kendrick’s FB Post, copied with permission from Kendrick.

I was selected to compete in the 2019 #SuperStreet Show Car Shootout sponsored by #Eneos Oil. This event consisted of two portions obviously a car show and then to prove the point a track day with instruction from some professional drivers. This is full recap of the trip.

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AutoX: Oskaloosa Iowa Region SCCA 2014-7-27

Hey everyone, going to keep this one short and sweet. Had a great event the last weekend of July. This week it was back in Oskaloosa at the airport. The day was a bit windy (as you’ll hear in the video) but other than that the weather was awesome. We got a total of 6 runs and enjoyed a really fun layout with a fast cross over. I was having issues with the start, but that’s one of my weak points. This run I got all data to sync up and work!! Check it out. (click continue reading to see video and pics)
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AutoX: Hawkeye Downs Iowa Region SCCA 2014-7-13

If you’ve been following you’ll notice there has been a lot of racing lately. Hawkeye Downs is the closest location to our new digs, it’s always fun to do events close by. Going to numerous events and locations is crucial for a few reasons, including variation and exposure. Variation gives you the opportunity to experience different surfaces, course designers, and competition. Exposure means you get a chance to meet new people and they get to meet you, if you’ve got sponsors or contingencies the more exposure the better! Exposure also means the people running the show remember your face/car, this is important if you’re looking to do more activities within the region/club.

AutoX plays an important role in the amateur racing world, it’s a great place for people to get inexpensive exposure to safe competition. It’s also great for experienced drivers to hone and fine tune a separate set of skills that they rarely get to use. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, get out there and go autoxing. Find your region, find your local clubs and go racing.

Lets talk about the Hawkeye Downs event hosted by the Iowa Region SCCA and watch some videos.
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AutoX: Moline, IL Great River Region SCCA 2014-7-6

Iowa is a great state, it has great landscapes, there are these things called seasons (which I completely forgot about), a HUGE amount of America’s food is grown/raised here in Iowa, and there’s AutoX. LOTS of AUTOX. Plus it’s pretty close to Nebraska, I hear there is a big AutoX held somewhere in the expanses of Nebraska. This week on Autoxing in Iowa my Co-Driver and I went east towards the great Mississippi River. The Great River Region does events at the iWireless Center in Moline, IL. I drove over to Brian’s house bright and early to pick him up and then we were off towards the ole’muddy Mississippi.

People like to make fun of smaller states in the Midwest, but they really are missing out on some amazing landscapes, and AutoXs.

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AutoX: Oskaloosa, IA Iowa Region SCCA 2014-6-22

As many of you know, has moved from the sunny beaches and tourist traps of Florida to the wonderful corn and soybeans of Iowa!!

Once we moved in and got situated. The first thing on the agenda was to find an AutoX, lucky for me we moved in to the intersection of three great SCCA autox regions. Iowa Region, Des Moines Valley Region and Great River Region. With the right planning it’s possible to do multiple events a month between each region (well, between March and Sept).

Oskaloosa hosted my first Iowa Autox. It is a small town that isn’t exactly easy to get to, when you take the long way. The AutoX is held at a small airports east of town. I plugged the airport into the Waze app and headed towards the event. As many iPhone users know, your phone will die and it’ll die when you’re 10 minutes from where you need to go in the middle of nowhere Iowa. Luckily, there was a Focus ST scooting a long that looked determined to go racing, so I followed him in the rest of the way. (Thanks Nate)

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Daytona International Speedway PDX with CFR SCCA (4-13-13)

This past weekend I had the excellent opportunity to drive on the Daytona International Speedway Infield during a SCCA PDX. The course is known as the “School Course”, it utilizes a 1.2 mile modified version of the 24hr infield. If you’re unfamiliar with PDX or HPDE track days they are an excellent entry into the world of track driving. I had never ran with SCCA at a track day so I was assigned an instructor. My instructor did an excellent job pointing out the places for improvement and the important understanding of the flags and worker station locations.

Saturday was organized into 3 different groups. Group 1 – Advanced/Intermediate Solo drivers Group 2 – Race Drivers School and Group 3 – Novice/Intermediate with Instructors.

I was in Group 3.

I arrived at the track just after 6:30am and met up with a fellow MSCC member who was driving and instructing that day. It was still dark and registration wasn’t open yet, so I picked the brain of a more experienced driver for a little while. We headed to registration and shortly thereafter through the turn 4 tunnel onto the Daytona International Speedway infield. We got there early enough to snag some garage spots and we unloaded the cars and headed over to tech inspection.

After everything was inspected, we did some parade laps to get a feel for the course and how it was laid out. My instructor drove my car and the first thing he commented on was the Kartboy/TiC Shifter and Bushing setup. After the parade laps we had a quick driver’s meeting then it was time for Group 1 to hit the track. During this time I did some final preparations to the car (checked to make sure the trunk monkey was ok), and waited for Group 1 and Group 2 to finish their sessions.

About 30 minutes later it was time to Grid for Group 3. To say the least I was excited. The rest of the day we’d race then let Groups 1 and 2 run then we’d be up again. Stay HYDRATED. I can’t stress this enough, you’ll think you’ve had enough water then 10 minutes in your mouth is dry and you’re THIRSTY! So drink plenty of fluids during the morning and throughout the day

Here’s the video from Session 1,2,3 and 4.

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