Volk Racing RED TE37 RT

Volk Racing TE37RT | New Wheel info!!

Quick little write up about the new Volk Racing TE37RT. Volk released the info on this wheel earlier in the year and it’s time for an article. The TE37 RT is concave in many different sizes and they even offer an 18×10 in 5×100!! Unfortunately for BBK equipped BRZ/FRS and 04 STI owners the 18×10 +44mm 5×100 doesn’t clear brembos.

8 TE37 RT Logo Volk Racing

The TE37RT is only available in Red, it’s still your standard TE37 6 spoke and it shares a similar concave setup as the TE37SL. It comes in only a select few sizes, but they cover a wide range of applications. Including the BRZ, FRS, STi, EVO, Porsche, GTR etc.

Sizing for TE37RT

18×10 +39mm is the “sweet spot” for the stock body GD (it’s not bolt on mind you, it requires work) and GR/GV STI (requires fender work, may not work with all suspensions).
18×11 +17mm or 18×10.5 +11 is the “sweet spot” for Karlton Flared GD.
18×10 +44mm 5×100 is the “sweet spot” for the stock body BRZ (fender work required, may not work with all suspensions) and widebody WRX (2011+) (fender work required).

**Any specific questions about setup don’t hesitate to head over to the consulting page and we’ll figure out the best option for you and your car**

detail5 TE37RT Concave 18 inch Volk

Seen above the 18×10 TE37 RT is also concave!!

Check out the gallery bellow for some more photos.

Who is going to be the first with a set?
What does everyone think of the new wheel?
Do you like the red?

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