Round 1: Building T3h_Clap’s STU STi

I’m heading to STU. I want to get back to street tires.

I’ll be putting together a few articles with the build progress and parts accumulation.

The build is going to be a simple STU build. Suspension, Bushings, Wheels, Tires and Driver tuning. 🙂

Round 1: Bushings, Mounts, Shifter from Turn In Concepts

As you see we’ve got a nice little box of goodies going in.

Turn In Concepts sent out the first round of goodies, and I couldn’t be happier!

Thank you again Clint and Tony.

Looking forward to the day I can get the new bushings and mounts installed.

July 2nd 2009; Ordered a set of TiC SSTs with custom spring rates and more bushings from Turn In Concepts.

Also, just got off the Phone with the Earl @ Touge Factory and put down the deposit for the new Wheels.

Busy lunch hour. haha.

Stay tuned for more updates.


5 thoughts on “Round 1: Building T3h_Clap’s STU STi”

  1. I didn’t think the fender braces or rear subframe lock bolts were legal for STU.

    Regardless can’t wait to see the wheels and the build as it progresses.

  2. The lock bolts and fender braces can come out without too much hassle, before any national/Divi events. 😉

    My car really belongs in BSP, I wanted to play in STU for awhile to remember what street tires were like.

  3. sneaky sneaky. 😉

    just be careful when removing those bolts holding the fender braces on, my roommate had a bunch of hotties come over when i was trying to remove my stock ones, wasn’t paying attention and turned the bolts the wrong way a few dozen times. 😆

    ended up saying F it and left them on since i was too lazy to remove the whole fender.

    now tell us what wheels you ordered! 😉

  4. thank you for the heads up on the bolts.

    I may wait to do the braces when I do the fender mods for the new 17×10 +38mm Wheels. 😉

    If that isn’t a hint I don’t know what is. 🙂

    I still have 4 weeks waiting on the wheels….FAIL! haha.

  5. Nice! I want a set of those in 18×10 for my GR to go with the 265s I have but I’m cheap and don’t want to roll the fenders. 😉

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