New Advan Wheels. RG-D, RZ-DF.

Advan has done it again. Releasing yet another wheel that makes people drool over their computer key boards or for a lucky few drool on the Yokohama model at TAS earlier this year. Enough talk, look at the new Advan RG-D and Advan RZ-DF.

Yokohama Wheel Advan RG-D
Advan RG-D

Yokohama Wheels Advan RZ-DF
Advan RZ-DF

Yokohama had their current wheel line on display at TAS. Everyone of us would love to have these displays in our living room.

Yokohama Wheels Advan RS, Advan RS-D
Advan RS and RS-D
Yokohama Wheels Advan RG2 and RG-D
Advan RG2 and RG-D
Yokohama Wheels Advan RC3 and Super Advan V2
Advan RC3 and Super Advan V2
Yokohama Wheels Advan RZ and Advan RZ-DF
Advan RZ and Advan RZ-DF Display at TAS
Yokohama Wheels Advan RG-D
NEW! Advan RG-D

It seems Advan only gave out Black versions of their wheels for the cars on display, not my favorite wheel color but I have to post these. 🙂

Yokohama Wheels Advan RG-D
Advan RG-D EVO X
Yokohama Wheels Advan RG-D on Nissan 370z
Nissan 370z with New Advan RG-D
RG-D Nissan Silvia S15
Yokohama Advan RG-D on a Nissan Silvia S15
RZ-DF 997 GT3-RS
Green GT3-RS on RZ-DF's, need I say more?

On to the close ups.

First off the Forged, yes I said FORGED, Advan RZ-DF. If you like lip, get ready for some Pr0n.

Advan RZ-DF
Advan RZ-DF
Advan RZ-DF not Matte Black
Advan RZ-DF "not Matte Black"
Advan RZ-DF Matte Black
Advan RZ-DF Matte Black
RZ-DF on Display
RZ-DF close up on Display

Now on to the Advan RG-D, I didn’t think the RG2 could look better. I was wrong, very wrong.

RG-D Gold
Advan RG-D
RG-D Silver
Advan RG-D in Silver
RG-D Black
Advan RG-D Matte Black

These wheels will start being available later this summer, who is going to be the first to slap a set on an STI or an EVO? Who is going to be the first to have a set on

Stay tuned for some fitment talk regarding the new Advan RG-D and RZ-DF wheels.


5 thoughts on “New Advan Wheels. RG-D, RZ-DF.”

  1. will the advan rg d 18×9 +45 clear brembos?

    thinkin of fitting my 07 sti stock struts h&r springs 255/35’s


  2. It is supposed to. it will not have a very big lip but it will still look great. The vendor you buy the wheels from will be able to confirm.

    with the H&R springs you’ll need to modify the rear fenders like in my fender article.

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