No Power != No Fun. Ivan’s Subaru BRZ is ready for anything

Everyone sits on the bench yelling back and forth about this, and that. Not enough power, needs AWD, shouldn’t have Prius tires, why does it need rear seats, needs a turbo, the arguments never seem to end. Yet, ultimately none of this bench racing matters, because guess what? The 86 twins are awesome. There was never a car produced that made everyone happy, not one. Except maybe the Dodge Omni GLH that thing was awesome. Anyway, back to the topic at hand, Ivan’s BRZ. Everyone who knows Ivan or has ever seen Ivan’s old STI knew the BRZ wasn’t going to stay stock for long. I’m pretty sure it was stock for all of 10 minutes.
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Brembo Clearance: Enkei RPF1 18×9.5 +38mm

We’re back again with more Brembo clearance info. The Enkei RPF1 is a popular wheel choice, it comes in many different sizes. Unfortunately many of the popular sizes don’t clear the STI Brembo calipers. We’ve already gone over what’s needed to clear the 17×9 +35mm, 17×9.5 +38mm, and 18×10 +38mm. Next on the list is the Enkei RPF1 18×9.5 +38mm. For the 18×9.5 +38mm Enkei RPF1 to clear the STI Brembos you’ll need an 8mm spacer. Luckily for the Subaru owners not running Brembos no spacers are required.

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Japanese Wheel Wednesday: GramLight 57C6

Say hello to the GramLight 57C6. It’s a classically designed 6 spoke wheel. GramLight chose to go extreme with the faces for the 57C6. Going wider on the 57C6 to get extremely concave, so much so it causes some caliper clearance issues. Luckily with the help of a consulting client and our friends at Penguin Garage we were able to get some test fitting. Below you’ll find the breakdown of the available sizes and the known issues. Plus a few pictures!

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Quick Guide to AWD Subaru Impreza Autox Classing

SCCA ProSolo and Solo2 Autox classing can be excessively confusing for the un-indoctrinated.

The SCCA Solo2 Rule book is a cluster of rules that attempt to properly categorize each vehicle into “fair” classes. We wont be going into detail on how well they are doing this. This will simply explain the current Class organization structure and basic legalities of each class in regards to the Subaru Impreza. This will also apply to other vehicles but there maybe some minor discrepancies, any questions can be emailed/commented to me or brought up on any of the many National and Local SCCA forums.
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Product Review: Killer B Motorsport Oil Pan, Pickup, and Baffle 2005 STi

Owning a 2005+ Subaru Impreza WRX STi isn’t all smiles and boost. There are a few things that are prone to failure, luckily all of them are well known.

1.) Inner CV Boot on passenger side likes to die at 55k miles

2.) Stock Pistons aren’t bulletproof and can have failure under poor tuning conditions

3.) Oil Pickup failure

#1 There isn’t much you can do except enjoy the car and fix it when it finally decides to tear

#2 Get a good tune as soon as possible, don’t risk a poor tune even for a few highway pulls, get a pro tune and enjoy the car.

#3 Oil pickup failure isn’t something to be taken lightly, unfortunately if and when this failure happens the engine is toast. The Oil Pickup will crack, and it will no longer do its job. The crack will starve the engine of oil and you will cause catastrophic damage. Luckily, there is a solution. Killer B Motorsport developed a more robust Oil Pickup that wont crack!

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