RevWorks Dyno Pull. T3h_Clap STi and some shop cars

Today is the day. RevWorks in Wintersprings, FL has their dyno up and running. It’s time to set their stock turbo STi record!! Yes, I’m the only stock turbo STi who has done a pull but that’s not the point. Still the record holder! At least until one of you steps up and beats it.

Today we were tuning for the future 91 octane of Iowa, as that’s where the wife and I are moving at the end of May. The numbers aren’t crazy but the car feels great and pulls really well. Look forward to racing in Iowa later this year. Who is with me?

The new wheel horsepower and wheel torque numbers are,

The new AP version 3 from Cobb Tuning is awesome. Lots of fun new features and upgrades. The guys at MTuned tuned my car last year via Open Source and I had great success.

Earlier this year I started noticing some boost spikes, turns out had a vacuum line pop off the turbo allowing nearly 24psi. EEK.

When it was spiking the car put down a good bit more power (obviously), but we chose to fix the boost leak and control the boost properly.

I enjoyed my previous experiences with Mike at MTuned and wanted him to tweak the car for 91 octane and the new AP. Dyno pulls and some street driving later and we’re good to go. Will recap more on the tune in the up coming months after I get some events under my belt. With the new AP Launch Control and Flat Foot Shifting need to be enabled by the Pro Tuner, MTuned enabled them both for me and I can’t wait to launch with 14psi on tap. VROOOM!!

If you don’t already follow us on Instagram please do, @T3hClap, I posted a few quick videos on there. Marti from RevWorks also snagged some video and I’ll steal the link from him once he loads it to the you of tubes.

Thanks again to RevWorks and MTuned.
I’ll leave everyone with a few snap shots of the other RevWorks cars at the shop today.


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