3 Features, 3 Magazines and 1 Blog.

DSport, Modified, Performance Auto and Sound
3 Magazines

What do these three magazines have in common?

1.) Awesome cars
2.) Subarus
3.) Excellent Wheel Selection
4.) All on T3hClap.com!

First is Performance Auto and Sound and Bill’s 06 STI.  He’s been on the blog more than once.

Want to be Aggressive? Are you willing to do what it takes?

How To Be Aggressive Version 2.0

STI 18x9.5 +22mm TE37
Bill's 06 STI +22mm Volk Racing TE37s


Next is magazine #2 Modified Magazine and Logan’s Top Scoob winning GRB STI.

Logan’s Top Scoob Winning GR STi w/ 18×10’s!

Logan's Top Scoob STI

Logan's STI with Prodrive GC010G 18x10.5 +22mm
18x10.5 +22mm Prodrive GC010Gs

Magazine Number 3 is DSport. The article is about a Subaru Owner named Jamie, I putting together his feature this month.

Insane Jane
18x9.5 CCW C14's!

3 Magazines, 3 Features all of them on this one blog. 🙂

It’s awesome to see all of these cars on the newsstands!

Go pick them up TODAY!



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