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AutoX: CFR SCCA @ The FIRM Feb 24th 2013

Sunday morning 4:45am It’s Finger Lickin’ Good Yall, finger lickin’ good, Mike D what’s up!?. My brain comes around to some of the best alarm clock tunes known to man. I realize it’s almost 5am and time to get up and get ready for the drive to Starke. Quick background on FIRM, it’s reported to be one of the best event locations for an AutoX in FL. Everyone I spoke to simply said, “You have to go”. I asked for details and no-one would divulge much, I was a little worried to be honest. I wasn’t sure what to expect, the satellite imagery showed multiple different potential places to hold an event.

Pulling into The FIRM at 8:05am signing the SCCA and FIRM liability waivers and driving down a curvy gravel road I start having a day dream/hallucination where I started hearing Nicky Grist giving me some pace notes. Luckily Abby brought me back before I did something stupid by saying “this road is bumpy”. I shook my head a bit and realized I wasn’t in a GC WRC Rally Car, but in my STi setup for tarmac. ahaha.

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Jake’s First AutoX

Everyone meet Jake. He’s a young guy who we’ve been trying to convince to AutoX for years. Finally he started. Here’s Jake’s review of his first event, hopefully Jake will be helping us cover the Susq region SCCA events in the future. 🙂

My first autocross
The day began at 6 A.M. I woke up, got myself ready, and put everything I had prepared in my car. It wasn’t much, but enough to get me through the day

-Tire pressure gauge
-1/2” bar and 19mm socket

I left at 7 A.M. on half a tank and arrived roughly 35 minutes later. There was a small crowd gathered at that point and the registration table and tent was still being assembled. I unpacked the car and then made my way over. I registered, signed the waiver, grabbed my number, signed up for my work position, and made my way back over to my vehicle. After affixing my number I drove over and passed through tech inspection, everything a-ok.  To my surprise, my co-worker came over and offered to help me out seeing as it was my first time. I wasn’t aware he was coming and am quite thankful as he had some solid advice as we did a walk-through.

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Feb 26th CFR SCCA AutoX

Location: Gun Range Rd. Geneva FL. It seems to be a police gun range and a small run way/taxi area that doesn’t appear to be regularly used. The road leading to the runway is HORRIBLE!! holy crap is it bad. haha.

We had 66 entrants, a guy in a new Mustang GT who yelled at me on my way to work a few months back was there which was cool. There was a strong S2k showing, they were going so fast their magnets kept coming off. 

Weather: It was cloudy all day but the temps were in the 50’s so I was content with a long sleeve shirt and a hoody for 90% of the day. It did sprinkle during the first run group but everyone got at least 2 dry runs. It didn’t rain in the afternoon.

Car Prep, Course Walk, Tech Inspection: I got there EARLY, pulled in at about 7:15am behind the main organzier and course designer. They already had a few guys setting up the course so I stripped the stuff out of my car.

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AutoX @ OCCC hosted by CFR SCCA on Oct 22nd 2011.

AutoX @ Orange County Convention Center hosted by Central Florida Region SCCA on Oct 22nd 2011.

This is my first run of the day, and there is no question I got lost. You’ll notice I nearly come to a stand still after one of the chicago boxes. I was looking ahead and I was unsure of which way to go. Luckily I chose the right direction. Final time for the run was 55.958 my slowest by time by over 9 seconds. I also was playing with wind noise reduction today, gain is set below 10 and I taped some microphone foam over the microphone. Its an improvement over nothing, but it isn’t perfect yet. As you’ll see there were a few cones in my way I decided to run over, i took one of them all the way back to grid.

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Karlton and the Karlton Flares @ 2011 SCCA Solo Nationals

Quick little set of photos of the Karlton Flares in action at the 2011 Tire Rack SCCA Solo Nationals this past week.

Karlton placed 6th overall in SM after both days!! I can’t wait to see how Karlton does next year with some more tire and some more fine tuning. Maybe it’ll be time for to take a road trip. 🙂

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