Upcoming Central Florida AutoX Events April, May and June.

There are 9.5 events coming up in the next few months. I’m going to try and get as many as possible and I hope to see some of you all out there as well.

Club Abbreviations
MSCC = Martin Sports Car Club
CFR = Central Florida Region SCCA
PCA = Florida Citrus Region PCA

April 21st – CFR – Deland, FL – Deland Airport – Points
April 27th – MSCC – Sebring, FL – Sebring International Speedway – Practice (1-5pm)
April 28th – MSCC – Sebring, FL – Sebring International Speedway - Points (MSCC Annual Mini Prix)

May 4th – CFR – Daytona, FL – Daytona International Speedway – Practice
May 5th – CFR – Daytona, FL – Daytona International Speedway -Points
May 12th – MSCC – Tavares, FL – Lake County Technical Center – Points
May 18th – CFR – Sebring, FL – Sebring International Speedway - Practice
May 19th – CFR – Sebring, FL – Sebring International Speedway - Points
May 26th – PCA – Orlando, FL – Orange County Convention Center

June 8th – MSCC – Orlando, FL – Orange County Convention Center – Points
June 9th – CFR – Orlando, FL – Orange County Convention Center – Points

If you’re thinking of going to an event this is the time to do it, get out there have fun and ask questions. Between the next 9.5 events you can find one that fits your schedule or you can get time off work.

Each date is hyper linked to the clubs website to find out more information.

Each City is hyper linked to the google maps location of the event.

Which events are you going to try and attend?

Lets chat about each venue.

Deland – I’ve never been, so I can’t say what it is like.

LCTC – If I had a “home” track it’d be this one, Martin (MSCC) runs this location numerous times a year. The lot is small which leads to a true “Autocross” type format where the course crosses over itself to allow for a longer course on smaller lots. The surface is an old asphalt that tends to be very slippery. Finding the rhythm of the course and managing the gripless surface make this a really fun lot. The Martin Club does a great job running the events, so everything goes smoothly. I suggest arriving right at or slightly before 8am to allow for registration, tech, and plenty of course walks.

Sebring International Raceway – Sebring is a great facility, loads of history and the lot we normally AutoX on is some really grippy concrete. If you haven’t race on concrete you’re in for a treat. We normally run on the large parking slab that is parallel with the back straight. It tends to be a “down and back” type course but both Martin and CFR know how to design a very fast and fun course using the lot. Since most people don’t live near Sebring it is a bit of a drive but it’s well worth the trek. Lots of hotels within a few miles of the track and there is even one right at the track entrance.

Daytona International Raceway – Daytona is another world class facility. It’s awesome to race at these big tracks that are famous for their endurance races, even if we are just on small paddocks or the infield go kart track! As you’ll see if you look at the satellite images of Daytona there is a go kart track on the east side of the infield. The course isn’t cone heavy as it’s laid out on a go kart track but it’s very fun and a great “first time out” event. Highly recommended.

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