Speedline Corse Racing2000 15x6 Subaru 4 Pot

Speedline Corse Racing2000 Subaru 4 Pot clearance

Speedline Corse Racing2000 15×6 +50mm Clears Subaru 4 Pot

Local RallyX driver Eric was hunting for a narrow 15″ wheel to run his Rally SG 185 15″ tires. The Speedline Corse Racing2000 in 15×6 +50mm offset fit the bill. Unfortunately it was a challenge to find confirmation of clearances. He ordered the wheels from Canada.

We will get a weight and final mounted photos soon. Below you’ll find more photos of the wheels mounted and their clearances.

Eric has multiple sets of wheels/tires he uses for RallyX events. We will be doing a feature on Eric and his car in the future.



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