How Wide of a Tire can I Run on my 2005+ Subaru Impreza WRX STi on Stock Wheels?

Want to run wider tires on your 2005+ Impreza WRX STi that is still using Stock wheels and Stock (or stock replacement) Struts?

Using the following setup it is possible to easily run a 245/40/17 or 255/40/17 Tire

1.) Stock 17×8 +53mm wheels (BBS or Enkei)

2.) Stock Struts (or stock replacements, such as Ohlins)

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How To: Setup your Street alignment the right way.

Street Alignments can be tricky.

No offense to alignment techs, but 90% go for the easy way out when it comes to setting up your alignment. Especially when you’re on an upgraded suspension.

For example,

It’s 1000x easier to adjust camber plates to get equal camber left and right, this is a big no no and will negatively effect the handling of the vehicle.

In short the easiest way to make sure your car gets setup the best way possible you can do the following, or make sure the alignment tech does your alignment as follows.

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Cleaning Your Wheels

Ok, so you’ve got some dirty wheels? Not surprising. Today’s brake pads and roads can get you car and wheels filthy in a hurry. Not to worry though. That’s why we’re here. This is the proper way to clean your wheels and keep them clean.

Ew dirty wheels!

First, make sure the wheels are cool to the touch. Wheels get hot just from normal driving and braking. So take a minute, get set up and let them cool. You are going to need a few products to accomplish this task. Continue reading Cleaning Your Wheels

235 vs. 255 or 265 on an 8.5 wheel for an Impreza.

I received a Private Message last night on one of the many forums I frequent and it is a common one. I’ve cropped down the users original question and cleaned up the answer a little.


Originally Posted by p********g

whats up man, im due for new tires and im kind of torn whether or not to go big for the “hey look at all my rubber” look or just to stick with what works. im running advan rcII’s 18×8.5 +45mm currently with 235/40 18’s. i have been thinking recently of upgrading to some 265/35 18’s and rolling the front and rear fender, but would first like to hear the pros and cons of each tire if possible. i dont do any track driving or autocross, but do hit up some canyon days here and there, but would mainly like the bigger tire for simply “the look” get back to me whenever you can at your earliest convenience, and be as candid as possible, thanks in advance

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Low Offset Wheels Hurt your Wheel Bearings.

Yes, Low offset wheels hurt your wheel bearings more than stock.

the center line of the wheel being further from hub creates more stress than the stock offset.

is there “proof” of this? is there some mile marker where your bearings will explode if you run a +30mm offset on a Subaru? No.

Are you causing more stress than factory? Yes.

Will you need to replace them earlier? Yes.

I’m more than willing to read a report from someone who has proof of their broken wheel bearing vs. non broken low offset wheel bearing.

You wont see me wasting time figuring out the actual point of where it happens. Low offset wheels increase wear. Either you accept that or you stay with a higher offset wheel. End of Story.


Pastelito Racing wins Subaru Challenge Gainesville!

T3hClap Subaru Challenge 

You read correctly, Pastelito Racing took home the Subaru Challenge bragging rights trophy for the 2nd year in a row! 

With our “Fab 4” doing exceptionally well in their respective classes it would’ve taken a dream team to beat us. 

Kolin (aka: Rankink) got FTD and top Pax for the day and won the opportunity to drive in the National Subaru Run Off sometime in 2008 in a factory prepped MY08 STi!

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That place.