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Japanese Wheel Wednesday: GramLight 57C6

Say hello to the GramLight 57C6. It’s a classically designed 6 spoke wheel. GramLight chose to go extreme with the faces for the 57C6. Going wider on the 57C6 to get extremely concave, so much so it causes some caliper clearance issues. Luckily with the help of a consulting client and our friends at Penguin Garage we were able to get some test fitting. Below you’ll find the breakdown of the available sizes and the known issues. Plus a few pictures!

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Low Offset Wheels Hurt your Wheel Bearings.

Yes, Low offset wheels hurt your wheel bearings more than stock.

the center line of the wheel being further from hub creates more stress than the stock offset.

is there “proof” of this? is there some mile marker where your bearings will explode if you run a +30mm offset on a Subaru? No.

Are you causing more stress than factory? Yes.

Will you need to replace them earlier? Yes.

I’m more than willing to read a report from someone who has proof of their broken wheel bearing vs. non broken low offset wheel bearing.

You wont see me wasting time figuring out the actual point of where it happens. Low offset wheels increase wear. Either you accept that or you stay with a higher offset wheel. End of Story.