Japanese Wheel Wednesday: GramLight 57C6

Say hello to the GramLight 57C6. It’s a classically designed 6 spoke wheel. GramLight chose to go extreme with the faces for the 57C6. Going wider on the 57C6 to get extremely concave, so much so it causes some caliper clearance issues. Luckily with the help of a consulting client and our friends at Penguin Garage we were able to get some test fitting. Below you’ll find the breakdown of the available sizes and the known issues. Plus a few pictures!

17×9 +40mm*
18×8.5 +35mm*, +45mm*
18×9.5 +40mm

17×9 +12mm*, +25mm*, +38mm*
18×8.5 +33mm*, +45mm*, +52mm*
18×9.5 +12mm*, +25mm*, +38mm

*Denotes Brembo caliper clearance

If you’ve been reading this blog very long you know that the sub +35mm sizes aren’t ideal for a stock body Subaru Impreza.

As you can see there are a few good 5×100 options, unfortunately for the 04 STI the 18×9.5 +40mm doesn’t clear Brembos. If my math is right at least a 6mm spacer would be required to safely clear the Brembos. Fortunately for the non Brembo equipped Subarus these options work great! BRZ, 2011 WRX, or an aggressive bugeye.

The 18×9.5 +38mm as listed above doesn’t clear the Brembos. A consulting client of mine had ordered these from a vendor stating they cleared. Unfortunately for him they didn’t, after walking him through a few options for determining required spacer thickness we determined they needed a 4mm spacer. I got him in touch with Penguin Garage and sent them the necessary spacer sizes and dimensions they had spacers custom made.

In the above gallery you can see the variations in concavity by diameter and width. The difference between the 8.5″ and 9.5″ is intense. If you’re looking for a deep concave 6 spoke and aren’t afraid to run a small spacer these are a great option.

What’s everyone think of these new wheels? Too concave? Too crazy on the colors?


4 thoughts on “Japanese Wheel Wednesday: GramLight 57C6”

  1. Any idea where I can get these in 17×9 +38. Trying to find a lightweight STU wheel for my 245s. Not having any luck with RPF1s, don’t want to run spacers.

  2. Any company that can source Rays Engineering (Volk Racing) wheels can source these. Shoot me an email wheelhelp@t3hclap.com I’ll get you in touch with a couple choices based on your location.


  3. What is fitment on a 2013 STI Sedan? I am looking at these and out of the options of +12, +25, +38 I dont know what would fit and how well. I would like to run with a 265/35 tire as well. Your expertise would be greatly appreciated.

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