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Random Tech: STi Weight Distribution vs. Fuel Load

About a week ago I asked Dan to do some comparisons on the weight distribution of his Subaru Impreza WRX STi after he was corner balanced. Specifically regarding how a larger fuel load will effect the F/R bias. Sure a formula could’ve figured it out but some real world hard data is better.

Here’s the data Dan (CGMDan on IWSTI) collected.

Methodology car was weighed, without driver, starting at slightly less than 1/4 tank indicated. Once on the scales, the car was not moved or shaken. Fuel was added 2.5 gallons at a time and data was collected. Sways were not disconnected as I was only concerned about front to rear weight bias. I did record corner weights at 1/4 tank and again once full. Once full, I reverse calculated the fuel load at each measurement.

1/4 tank starting weights without driver

928.5 | 924.5
660.4 | 650.4 Cross weights were 50.1% LR to RF

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