Subaru Challenge @ Gainesville, FL

Subaru Challenge 2006The Subaru Challenge is coming to Gainesville, FL on August 25th 2007.

It’s an autox organized by Subaru for the Subaru owner.

Using the common SCCA Solo2 classing structure Subaru Owners compete with similarly prepped Imprezas, Legacys, Outbacks and Foresters.

There is some intense competition at this years event. Teams Pastelito Racing, Jacksonville Mod Squad, and Dead Whorelando all have assembled a team of 5 racers and the each team members fast time will be added to the teams total and the team with the lowest total PAX time wins the “Bragging Rights Trophy”.

I’ve got my bets with Pastelito Racing! 😉

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  1. you should do some breakdowns on classes and things of that nature, im sure it would help those of us who arent knowledgable on the breakdown.

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