One Step Further (08 STi 18×9.5 SSR Type-F)

The 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STi had just hit the states, everyone was waiting to see what the car had in store. Some people were going with normal fitments, and some people were taking it one step further. When I saw what Luis had done with his STi I almost fell off my chair. Not only is he running the new SSR Type-Fs but he’s running the 9.5″ version! Luis bought the 08 STi to be a fun Daily Driver/”family” car/Canyon Carver, from the looks of it he hit the nail on the head.

SSR Type-F

Luis 08 STi SSR Type-F 18x9.5

This car is definetly done proper. The 18×9.5 +40mm Gold SSR Type Fs compliment the Aspen White 08 STi perfectly.  The fitment is spot on with a little room to grow tire wise if Luis decides to fully roll the rear fenders. His suspension setup looks like the standard 08 roll call with BC Racing Coilovers (FYI all other USDM 08s featured on the blog run BC Racing coilovers), Whiteline bars and a solid street oriented alignment that still enhances performance.

Luis 2008 STi SSR Type-Fs

Luis comes off as a normal guy when I talked to him, but I don’t buy it. Anyone who buys an STi as a “Family” car either has the persuasion skills of a Jedi or a Wife that deserves a medal of awesomeness. Luis made a promise to his wife that he was not going to modify the 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STI since it’s already “fast”.  (FYI it didn’t come off the Assembly line with SSRs or Coilovers….haha).

SSR Type-F STI Rig Shot

Luis has some crazy camera skills to boot, that and his STI can be seen with its arch enemy the EVO X. The EVO X with it’s HUGE TE37s is no slouch either. The EVO X is in a few shots in this article but more photos of both the STI and the EVO can be found at Luis’s Smugmug Page here. Luis Smugmug Page. Keep your eyes on the blog for a potentional feature on that very EVO X.

SSR and TE37 STI and EVO X

SSR Type-F 18x9.5 +40mm

Luis used to drive a torqueless go-kart of a car (Civic Si) the 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STI is far from that with its 2.5 liter motor. Luis says he’s content with the car the way it is now, but we all say that, hell half of us mean it. Just because we mean it doesn’t mean things are going to play out as planned. Plus looking at Luis’s history of “not modifying” I have a feeling there is more in store for this Subaru Impreza WRX STI. I would keep my eyes on this 08 Subaru if I were you.

2008 Subaru SSR Type-F +40mm

On to the mod list. 

Mod List:
– 18 x 9.5 SSR Type F
– 265/35/18 Falken RT-615
– BC Racing coilovers
– Whiteline Rear camber adjustment bushings
– Whiteline 22mm adjustable Front and Rear swaybars
– rear fenders were rolled a bit (not flat, probably it was rolled about 55 degrees) – citytireonline.
– alignment settings: zero toe all around, -2* front camber; -1.6* rear camber – stokes

STi and EVO X SSRs and TE37s 

– Cobb AP
– Tanabe CBE
– Injen CAI
– Invidia catted DP
– Stage 2 protune @ HBSpeed
– Crawford Air/Oil Separator

2008 Subaru STi SSR Type-F 

– RA UR mudflaps
– CF replica – chargespeed bottomline kit
– CF replica of the OEM exhaust garnish
– red taillight overlay with cutouts
– 20% tint
– OEM foglights, Venture Shield clear bra, Hella supertones, painted ST logo – intercooler, LED rear license plate bulb

Image of SSRs on an STi 

-OEM ipod interface, adjustable armrest, all weather floor mats, auto-dim rear view mirror with homelink
-CF shiftknob


Luis didn’t do this build alone, I’ll let him do the thank yous. 

I’d like to thank
My Wife: for letting me buy mods for this very expensive hobby
Young: for hooking me up with parts
Import Image Online
Turn-In Concepts
Tanabe USA: For the CBE
City Tire Online: Bryan and John for giving me a good deal on my wheel/tire combo/fender roll
HCP buddies: For helping me install all my mods
Jeff @ Stokes Tire Pros in Santa Monica: for my perfect alignment
NASIOC.COM/IWSTI.COM: for all the subie info!  
I almost forgot!  I’d like to thank myself for being a badass amateur photographer haha just kidding 😀

As always any questions, comments feel free to post or email.

P.S. This car is amazing.

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  1. hey man looking really nice, i wanted to know how much you dropped the car using the coilovers?

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