ATTN: Tire Rack, We Want Wheel Size Selection!

I don’t normally go on Rants, but it’s about time someone did. This needs to happen.

After the most recent post about the new tire rack website I got more than a few comments stating the following.

“Can we pick wheel size now?”

“Oh, it’s just a tire selection, no wheel selection?”

“Can we reverse search wheel size?”

unfortunately the answer to all of the above is no.

I, among many other enthusiasts want to be able to select and BUY wheels from tire rack that we know will work. LET US PICK A SIZE! πŸ™‚

I don’t want to have to use a “big wheel STI” (aka 96 Toyota Supra) to search for anything wider than 8.5″ for my STI.

Everyone I’ve talked to is willing to give up their “return if doesn’t fit” ability to have this function.

I understand “WHY” tire rack doesn’t have this feature available to everyone, people go to tire rack for a no questions asked fitment. Well tire rack, I want to say that there are some of us that know we can make a setup work. Sure we can call in and talk to a select few of your amazing customer service/sales guys who know how to fight their way through the system, but we should be able to do it online!

Especially with Tire Rack now carrying some of the bigger names in the import market (Namely Rays, Weds) they are a great option for us not only to search but to also buy!

Is there anyone else out there that thinks Tire Rack needs wheel size selection?

Allow me to pick Bolt Pattern, Width Range, Offset Range and Diameter Range. Hell Tire Rack has the software to also know special factory brake clearance. *hint* *hint* although the last part isn’t a pre-requisite for us getting what we want.

Add your comments in support or against Tire Rack adding this functionality!


8 thoughts on “ATTN: Tire Rack, We Want Wheel Size Selection!”

  1. Tire Rack should consider giving those of us who “know how to do math” the option to order the “wrong” wheels. Please tire rack, give us a Reverse Search!!!!! the capability is obviously there, just show us your available sizes/offsets for each wheel! Wheel Enthusiasts will love you guys forever!

  2. I think “Especially with Tire Rack no carrying some of the bigger names” is supposed to say “Especially with Tire Rack now”.

    Oh, and I agree. πŸ˜€

  3. Please implement a reverse wheel search!

    Surely, the website can accommodate for both methods of searching.

  4. I’m in agreement with Joel here.

    I’ve long wished for the option to punch in size, offset, and bolt pattern and end up with a list of wheels I want, not a list of wheels that are a “recommended” size.

  5. This is exactly why I use, because it doesn’t treat you like an idiot.

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