Brembo Clearance: Enkei RPF1 ALL SIZES!!

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One of the most common questions I see online is, “Will xx RPF1 clear my brembos?” Time to compile some data so it’s easy to find.

295 Hoosier A7 Karlton Flares RPF1s

Here is a comprehensive break down of the Enkei RPF1 Brembo clearance for the STI brembos with their spacer sizes where necessary.

Convex Face

  • 17×8 +45mm
  • 17×8 +35mm
  • 17×8.5 +40mm
  • 17×8,5 +30mm
  • 18×8 +45mm
  • 18×8 +35mm
  • 18×8.5 +40mm
  • 18×8.5 +30mm

Flat Face

  • 17×9 +45mm (18mm Spacer)
  • 17×9 +35mm (8mm Spacer)
  • 17×9+22mm
  • 17×9.5 +38mm (5mm Spacer)
  • 17×9.5 +18mm
  • 17×10 +38mm
  • 17×10 +18mm
  • 18×9 +35mm (8mm Spacer)
  • 18×9.5 +45mm (15mm Spacer)
  • 18×9.5 +38mm (8mm Spacer)
  • 18×9.5 +15mm
  • 18×10 +38mm (5mm Spacer)
  • 18×10.5 +15mm

This is not a how to fit xx size on my STI without rubbing article, this simply is to clarify caliper clearances. Many of the wheels listed here require extensive fender and suspension work to fit properly. We’re happy to help if you have questions.

If you’re in need of a proper spacer for your RPF1 or other custom sizing visit the team over at Penguin Garage they usually have the “T3hClap Spec” RPF1 5mm Spacers in stock.

T3h_Clap Spec Spacers @ Penguin Garage


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  1. Do you know about Brembo clearance for the RFP1 for 17 x 7.5 +48? Cjeers Simon

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