Aggressive STI fitment version 9.5″

Running an Aggressive fitment on an STi isn’t easy but at the same time it isn’t impossible. For autox, track, show, street it is possible to find a wheel and tire combo that will meet the needs you’re looking for.

To run a 9.5″ wheel on an Subaru Impreza WRX STi GDB/F you’ll need the following


  • Coilovers with stiff springs (550/10k+).
  • Camber adjustability Front and Rear (preferably with plates and bolts).
  • The drive to make these work, this size doesn’t “bolt on” like other sizes.
  • A dremel or fender roller or a hammer :D.
  • 5×114.3 hubs are recommended mainly because of their out of the box durability and the wheel choices in 5×114.3 are much better than 5×100.
  • Also a 9.5″ wide wheel that clears brembos and has an acceptable offset.

This is a very basic “needs” list, what EXACTLY needs to be done to run an aggressive setup will depend on many different variables.

On to the wheels that are available in 9.5″ that clear brembos.

More will be added as the days go on.

Specific fitment questions should be directed to drew@t3hclap.comas every setup is different and just because they clear brembos and the offset looks good doesn’t mean it will work.

Some wheels are available in custom offsets and widths, but not all. Most 2 and 3 piece wheels can be ordered with custom offsets.

Rays Engineering

Volk Racing RE30
17×9.5 +40mm
18×9.5 +47mm
18×9.5 +40mm
18×9.5 +35mm

Volk Racing TE37
17×9.5 +35mm
17×9.5 +40mm
18×9.5 +40mm
18×9.5 +35mm

Volk Racing CE28N
17×9.5 +47mm
17×9.5 +40mm
18×9.5 +47mm
18×9.5 +40mm
18×9.5 +34mm

Volk Racing Progressiv ME
18×9.5 +36mm

Volk Racing SF-Challenge
19×9.5 +40mm (disk A)

Volk Racing SF-Winning
19×9.5 +44mm (disk A)
19×9.5 +32mm (disk A)

Volk Racing GT-S
19×9.5 +30mm (disk A)
19×9.5 +43mm (disk A)
19×9.5 +40mm (disk B)

Volk Racing GTM
19×9.5 +36mm (disk A)
19×9.5 +33mm (disk B)

Volk Racing GTF
19×9.5 +30mm (disk A)
19×9.5 +42mm (disk A)
19×9.5 +40mm (disk B)

Volk Racing GTV
19×9.5 +30mm (disk A)
19×9.5 +42mm (disk A)

Volk Racing GTC face 1
19×9.5 +33mm (disk A)

Volk Racing GTC face 2
19×9.5 +36mm (disk A)

Volk Racing GT-7
19×9.5 +30mm (disk A)
19×9.5 +42mm (disk A)

gramLights 57F (No Longer in Production)
17×9.5 +38mm
18×9.5 +38mm

gramLights 57-Pro
18×9.5 +30mm (disk A)

gramLights 57S-Pro
18×9.5 +33mm (disk A)

gramLights 57Maximum-Pro
18×9.5 +30mm (disk A)


Advan Racing RS
17×9.5 +35mm
17×9.5 +25mm

Advan Racing RG2
17×9.5 +35mm
17×9.5 +25mm

Connoisseur No.151C
18×9.5 +38mm

Work Wheels

Emotion CR Kai
18×9.5 +30mm

Meister S1 2P
18×9.5 +20mm (T-Disk)

Emotion XT7
18×9.5 +38mm

Emotion XC8
18×9.5 +35mm


17×9.5 +42mm

18×9.5 +40mm


NT03+M (May No Longer be in Production)
17×9.5 +44mm
17×9.5 +38mm

17×9.5 +38mm

17×9.5 +38mm


18×9.5 +35mm
18×9.5 +45mm

33 thoughts on “Aggressive STI fitment version 9.5″”

  1. dig the list… maybe link the wheels to a picture of the wheel so people know what they look like…

  2. The RPF1s in that size do not clear.

    It takes a much lower offset to clear the STi Brembos.

    The spoke design of the wide width RPF1s is not favorable for big brake clearance.

    They were designed for rear wheel fitment.

  3. very helpful indeed. What if stock coils are still used but appropriate negative camber is applied? More rub? Wouldn’t running say 10k F/R ruin balance?

  4. Stock Coils as in stock springs and struts?

    it’s all possible if you have a stiff enough spring (with a shock to match) as long as you’re willing to modify the fenders to fit exactly what you want. Coilovers make it much easier with their height adjustability and (generally) their ability to get more camber.

    Just adding camber usually isn’t enough b/c the compression is still significant, especially when on lowering springs.

    the 10k+ was more of a generalization.

    Ideally you want to run a stiffer front rate, although some people prefer to run stiffer rates in the rear and eliminate the sway bar.

    There are too many variables to list to be exact to everyone.

    it is possible to run this setup with a 10k/8k setup (f/r), just need to have the appropriate camber and ride height.

    I encourage any specific setup questions be emailed to get an answer that is more detailed to your own setup.

  5. No, it is possible to use an 8k rear spring.

    You will just need a slightly higher ride height and potentially more camber and fender tweaks than someone with stiffer springs, but it is possible.

  6. Think you can list Volk’s GT series wheels, the sizes that fit and their subsequent offsets? Great compilation of wheel fitments so far though. Keep up the good work 🙂

  7. I noticed there are no 18 inch wheels under the newly listed GT series wheels you updated. Is there a reason for this?

    I was looking at the GT-S in an 18×9 size but wasn’t sure on the offset as there are quite a few.

  8. read the title and you’ll know why i didn’t list 9″ wheels.

    there are no 18×9.5″ GT series wheels.

    I can help with the 18x9s if you want, shoot me an email.

    the 9″ article is in the works as well.

  9. What coil overs out there offer a stiff spring rate like 500 lbs/in F & 450 lbs/in R.

  10. there are alot.

    My personal favorites are

    ZZYZX EM Coilovers from zzyzx Motorsports
    TiC SST Coilovers from Turn-in-Concepts
    RCE T2s from RaceComp Engineering

    all of these are available with stiff enough springs to fit 9.5s.

    the ZZYZXs are built by ZZYZX and utilize a Koni Damper (your choice dual or single adjustable).

    the TiC’s are based off an AST suspension

    the RCE’s are based off the KW V3s

    All three are amazing combinations when paired up with camber plates front and rear.

  11. Hi, you seem to have the know how on STI fitment so here’s my question. Can i fit a CE28N with 30 offset on my 05 STI?
    Specs are 17 x 8.5jj offset 30.

    Please advise


  12. I sent u an email with a bunch of detailed info about my car. The more I think about it, I think a 17×9 with the proper offset is where I want to be. Is that doable with RCE t2’s? I think I want a 255 tire, maybe a 265.

  13. I have a 2004 STI, on stock struts with prodrive lowering springs. I am wanting to run a 18×9.5 +38mm **** Grid. Planning on a stretched 245/40/18 fitment tire, and rolling the fenders. Also am planning on getting camber bolts to get some negative camber in.

    ive heard from a few places this can be, done, i just thought id see what you had to say.


  14. First to fit the Grids, you’ll need a spacer as they do not clear brembos. (one of many reasons they aren’t on this list).

    After getting spacers/wheel studs you wont have fender issues if you roll the rear fenders, but that’s mainly b/c the Prodrives don’t lower the car much and you’re going with a skinny tire.

    you’ll most likely need to shoot for -3.0 front and -2.0 rear camber.

    Personally I’d stay away from **** but that’s me, and a topic for a different article.

  15. Wondering if you know whether Enkei RPF1s, in 17X9.5 or X10 will fit on an ’09 STI. And, if so, what offset should I use?

  16. Little dilemma this spring – I feel as though I may be putting the cart before the horse. Looking to buy new wheels/tires for my 06 sti. OE tires were shot last fall when i changed to winter tires. In short what im looking to do would be to run larger wheels/tires (17×9.5 with 245’s)for STU, temporarily until I can upgrade the suspension. If possible can you recommend what wheel will clear brakes, wont require a spacer and may work while still stock in a 9.5?

    Thanks, Kevin

  17. Very nice listing!

    Do you know if 17×9.5, 5×114.3, +43 offset 5zigen GN+ wheels will clear the brembos on an 05 STi and if it’d fit with minor modifications? I have JIC-FAS coilovers and i’m wanting to fit 255 tires on them.

    I was also wondering what modifications were needed to fit the Enkei RP03 17×9.5 +38mm wheels

  18. Hey mate. I have an 07 STi with bc br coilovers f&r. Will advan rg3 18×9.5 +45 foul on the coilover? Thanks mate

  19. It depends on your setup, we’ll need to go into more detail feel free to email me and we can go over it all in greater detail.

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