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RallyBaggers, Rally Bagger!

This car I’m about to feature is one many of us have seen floating around the internet. Be it on IWSTI, Nasioc, or his own Blog Pin It To Win It.

Holy Lights Batman!

Tim is no different then the rest of us, he chose a modification plan, he talked to vendors, he bought his parts, he got local subie guys to help, he dropped his car off at EFI and he drives the piss out of it!

Alright, there are a few differences. First Tim chose to put the smaller 16″ Specification brakes off the JDM 16″ Specification Spec C STi. These brakes use the same caliper as the 06/07 WRX here in the US but with a different sized rotor, 5×114.3 and properly sized for the rear parking brake and R180.
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