Soon to be Released Advan RS-D

The great minds at Yokohama have decided to add a new wheel to their already popular line up which is properly named Advan Racing.

I can’t wait to see these wheels on some cars stateside. Some 19×9.5 +45mm RS-D’s would look spectacular on an 08 STi for a mild street setup or some 18×10 +35mm’s slapped on a GD for the aggressive side.


The New Advan RS-D is a 10 spoke similar to the RS with a small twist. These new wheels have a lip and a slightly different spoke shape. The spoke spacing is obviously derived from the RS instead of the RZ. The size options match the other Advan Racing wheels we’ve seen in previous years (for the most part).

Advan RS-D Black
Advan RS-D Black

The RS-D does come in 20″ sizing which hasn’t been seen in an Advan Racing wheel up until now, most likely to appeal to the new GT-R owners who still want to keep massive 20″ wheels.

Advan RS-D
Advan RS-D

Either way, here’s a nice fat list of the available sizes/offsets.


18×7.5 +42mm


18×8 +47mm


18×7.5 +48mm
18×8 +45mm, +37mm
18×8.5 +51mm, +31mm
18×9 +45mm, +35mm, +25mm
18×10 +35mm, +25mm
19×8.5 +45mm, +38mm
19×9 +35mm, +25mm
19×9.5 +45mm
19×10 +35mm, +25mm, +15mm
20×8.5 +38mm
20×9 +25mm
20×9.5 +40mm
20×10 +35mm ,+25mm
20×10.5 +20mm

This is looking like a good year for some new wheels. 


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