Battle of the Measurements: Tire Comparo!

Here are a few little graphs I put together for a few different people to compare the different measurements of a few select size tires.

First up is a comparo of a select few 255/35/18 and 265/35/18

all tires listed in this graph are a 35 profile and 18″ diameter

Graph of 265s and 255s

Measuring Width is the wheel width that was used when measuring Tread width and Section width. Both of tread width and section width change with wheel width. More on this in a future article.

Tread is the Tread width of a given tire on a given wheel width, measured from the inside tread to the outside tread. Tread Width is not always published as you can see here where the red sections go down to zero.

Section is the Section Width of a given tire on a given wheel width, measured from the inside to the outside of the tire at the widest portion. The three digit number on the side wall of a tire relates to the tires section width.

as you can see the the difference between a 255 and 265 is noticeable in both section and tread widths.

the measuring wheel width also changes, the measuring wheel width for a 255 is generally 9″, 265 is generally 9.5″.

Mounting a tire on a wheel narrower than the measuring wheel width will result in a narrower section width then the published number.

Mouting a tire on a wheel wider than the measuring wheel width will result in a wider section width then the published number.

2nd up is a graph comparing 255/40/17 tires, all tires below had a measuring wheel width of 9″

255 Tire Comparo

As you can see comparing 255 only tires creates a more uniform graph in terms of section width. Tires range from a 10.2 to a 10.4. 10.2″ Section Width belongs to the Toyo T1R and the 10.4″ Section Width is from the new Dunlop Z1 Star Spec and R888.

The tires with the largest tread widths A048, R888 are both R-Compound Track tires.

Unfortunately the new Dunlop Z1 Star Spec does not have their Tread Width numbers publicly published, if anyone has a Dunlop connection that has these numbers I’d love to get my hands on them.

The RT615 and RE01R are the middle ground in terms of size for a Max Performance Street Tire, both measuring 9.4″ tread width
The AD07 from Advan is by far the largest coming in at a staggering 9.9″ tread width.

The R1R is between the RE01R and AD07 with a 9.6″ tread width

Choosing the correct tire for any application is critical, with the tires being the only thing touching the ground it’s key to make the right decision on what tires will maximize the use of your vehicle.

There will be another Article Following next week going into more detail on the Measurements listed here.

Also look out for more Tire comparison and analysis.

As always if there are any specific questions don’t hesitate to shoot me an email or comment.


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