Brembo Clearance: Enkei RPF1 18×10 +38mm

Enkei RPF1 is probably the best wheel in the world. LOL, kidding, but kinda serious. It’s one of those wheels that has stuck around for ages and every year we figure a new car they work on. Hell Enkei still comes out with new sizes or bolt patterns. Ranging from a 14×7 to an 18×10.5 they’ve got nearly everyone covered. Alright enough about Enkei and lets focus on the specific size on hand. The 18×10 +38mm is normally 5×114.3 but there have been a few special order runs in 5×100 not many though.

The 18×10 +38mm requires a 5mm spacer to clear the STI Brembos. Some people have gotten away with a 3mm spacer, but it’s too close for comfort in my eyes. I also believe it’s smart to always run extended wheel studs in conjunction with spacers.

To fit the 18×10 +38mm RPF1 on a GD is tough. Fitting it on GR/GV is much easier.

I’ll go into detail about the steps and mods required to fit them for each chassis.

On to some snap shots, if you’ve got photos of your STI on 18×10 +38mm RPF1s don’t hesitate to send them our way.

As always don’t hesitate to fire off an email or comment if there are questions.

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  1. Are there any issues with the rim hitting the coil over on a 18×10 +38 wheel? Particularly on a GD chassis WRX (no brembos).

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