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It’s Wednesday in Japan, so why not show off a new wheel from Enkei Japan. There has been some chatter about the RS05RR lately since it’s due to finally hit American shores in a few months, time to stir up some interest in the brand new Enkei GTC01RR!! Classic split six spoke design with multiple faces available, and some really nice proposed sizes. Enough talk, take a look at the photos, tell me what you think. Will these be your next set of wheels? Buy Karlton Flares to allow you to run the Rear face on all 4 corners? It’s tempting.

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Lets dive into the available sizing.
Enkei GTC01RR Available Sizes

Notable sizes for Subaru Impreza, BRZ and Scion FR-S
18×9 +40mm 5×114.3 and 5×100!! Front Face
18×9 +35mm 5×114.3 Front Face
18×9.5 +35mm 5×114.3 and 5×100!! Middle Face
18×10 +30mm 5×114.3 Middle Face
18×10.5 +35mm 5×114.3 Rear Face
18×10.5 +15mm 5×114.3 Rear Face (Karlton Flare Fitment)
18×11 +16mm 5×114.3 Rear Face (Karlton Flare Fitment)

Lots of available sizing. If anyone has questions on how to fit any of these options on your car with your setup (and your future setups) don’t hesitate to contact us.

Comment below on your thoughts about the new Enkei GTC01RR

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  1. Any Idea if anyone has fitted the 18×9.5 +35’s on a GR hatch? Stock height, RCE blacks or yellows. Really interested as I want to purchase these soon!

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