One Lap of America!

As many of you know One Lap of America is underway and each day we slowly get more and more updates from the participants and the Motorsports Media.

Earlier this year I got a PM from a guy looking to compete in One Lap of America, he had some standard fitment questions that we helped figure out. Although he did have one criteria that I don’t normally consider when helping with a Race Car’s wheel/tire fitment.


The guys at Moroccan Gold Imports needed a tire that could be Streetable, Track Ready, perform on the Wet Skid Pad, AND still have tread 2/32nd’s of tread after it’s all said and done!! Talk about a feat, I let the guys worry about the rest of the car. R.J. set the requirements of what was needed and we bounced back and forth for a few weeks. He decided to run a sick tire setup. Kumho Ecsta XS in a 275/40 slapped on some 17×9 +42mm on some 17×9 +42mm wheels.

Yes this is the infamous car to get pulled over by the Florida Highway Patrol and get featured in Motortrend!!


Photo Courtesy of Motortrend
Photo Courtesy of Motortrend

For updates on the MGI One Lap of America team check out their Blog

They’ve been updating it daily with plenty of videos and pics! Go MGI!!


The car looks great all stickered up. Keep taking down the competition!

Good luck guys!


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