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Khalid’s RG-D Equipped 07 Subaru Impreza WRX STi

Khaild aka. jordanretro1223 on IWSTI finally stopped teasing his followers and posted photos of his newly installed wheels and tires. There were plenty of guesses when posted his teaser photo, they ranged from Advan to Volk. There were a few people who were on the right track thinking the new wheels were either the new Advan RZ-DF or Advan RG-D. Advan gold is a color people dream about, it’s amazing.

Khalid chose to go with an 18×9 +25mm with a 225/40/18. It isn’t my favorite choice of fitment but they are the first publicly posted Advan RG-D’s on an STi and he’s done the work to get them to fit. That alone deserves a quick feature. 🙂

On to the pics.

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New Advan Wheels. RG-D, RZ-DF.

Advan has done it again. Releasing yet another wheel that makes people drool over their computer key boards or for a lucky few drool on the Yokohama model at TAS earlier this year. Enough talk, look at the new Advan RG-D and Advan RZ-DF.

Yokohama Wheel Advan RG-D
Advan RG-D

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