What’s in the box? ContourGPS!!

Do you do track days? Do you autox? Do you do cruises or car shows? Then you need to check out the Contour cameras. These cameras are awesome. There are multiple cameras available, I decided to opt for the ContourGPS. I ordered mine with a few extras and recieved it within a few days. Check out what’s inside.

Now lets see what’s in the box and we’ll go over some of it’s features.

This box contains the following Contour products.

  • ContourGPS
  • Contour Windshield Mount
  • Contour Spare Battery
  • Contour Connect View

I must warn you, if you order these a week before an autox or track day you’re going to be very itchy to use it. It’s almost painful to have this beautiful piece of machinery and not get to fully use it for a week or two. I was afraid to test it on the street prior to the AutoX, but after the AutoX I would feel comfortable about using this mount even at high speeds.

First thing out of the box is the Camera itself, you’ll see here it comes in some very intuitive packaging.

The camera sits in a small protective case that holds all of the extra goodies you get with the ContourGPS, it also allows you to store and keep the camera safe during travel. Once you take off the cardboard you’ll see everything included with the ContourGPS.

The ContourGPS comes with the following items.

  • ContourGPS Camera
  • 2GB MicroSD card (unknown class)
  • Lense Cover
  • MiniUSB Cable for charging and data transfer
  • Removable Lithium-Ion battery
  • Goggle Mount, and two Rotating Surface Mounts
  • Camera Tethers
  • Clear protective case

The camera itself is very light weight at only 5.2 oz, they were able to get everything in this small lightweight package. The ContourGPS camcorder has mutliple different video settings including 1080p, 960p and 720p all @ 30 Frames Per Second (FPS) it also has an action setting which is 720p @ 60 FPS. I have used the 720p @ 60 FPS so far and the video looks really good. I do believe it needs a higher class MicroSD card then the one provided, but with MicroSD cards only costing $20 for a class 10 8gb it’s not a problem.

Another cool feature is the continous photo mode, it allows you to select the time between each photo taken. You can choose either 3,5,10,30,60 seconds between each shot. This would be a great way to document a show, or cruise. Simply mount the camera on the car and let it take a photo every few seconds. I plan on also using this feature on an upcoming motorcycle trip to document it.

The ContourGPS has a large slide record switch on top of the camera, that is very easy to activated/deactive without looking. It also features a switch on the control panel that allows you to switch between two different pre-sets. Such pre-sets include video or continous photo, video quality, resolution and frame rate. Meaning you can have setting 1 be your continuous photo mode for the drive to the event and in the paddock and setting 2 be the Action 720p 60 FPS High Quality for when you’re on course.

All of the Contour Cameras currently available come with a laser light alignment feature, which activates two laser pointers on the lense so you can properly align the camera without the need of a view finder.

The ContourGPS camera has a 135 degree wide angle lense, is 32GB MicroSD Compatible and has a 2 to 2.5hr long battery life.

The main reason I chose the ContourGPS over the ContourROAM is the ContourGPS has a built in GPS reciever which tracks your location and allows you to view where you went. As you’ll see in the videos below it’s really cool for an Autox/Track Day since it overlays your progress over Google Maps. I look forward to utilizing this feature the next time I go to Sebring International Raceway for a HPDE.

The camera also has a Bluetooth connectivity feature, which turns your cell phone into a view finder and allows you to alter the settings without plugging it into a computer. To utlize this feature on an iPhone you’ll need the Connect View card to be installed in your ContourGPS. It’s a very small card, only slightly larger then the MicroSD card, it slips in the back of the camera next to the removable battery. This is not required to use the camera but is very handy to have.

Once this bad boy is installed in the back of the camera, you connect your phone to the camera by click the hidden bluetooth connection button on the top of the camera (it’s hidden but very easy to find, when the camera is not recording the button is right in front of the slider). Once you’re connected to your phone you use the free Contour App and it turns the screen into a view finder and allows settings to be edited. Once the camera is recording the bluetooth is turned off to conserve battery. This feature is really nice when you’re using a mount that allows lots of adjustment (such as the windshield mount). 

I decided to pick up a Spare Battery, the last thing I want is to be at event without any battery power.

The last thing in the box is the Contur Windshield Mount made by Panavise. This mount has lots of adjustment and a very strong suction cup. The first time I used it I put it on the roof of the T3hClap.com STi smack dab in the middle directly behind the windshield. I got some really great video, but I look forward to Oct 22 and Oct 23 where I plan to use multiple different locations to see which angle works best.

Here you can see it mounted to the car’s roof. (photo credit to KalebPhoto)

This mount from Contour made by Panavise was designed specifically for the Contour camears, it mounts using the Contour T-Rail system. It’s a really strong mount design. Simply loosen the set screws and slide the camera into the mount and tighten the set screws.

Enough with the pics!! lets check out some video. This video is using only what you see here and the Contour software provided. No special editing or anything. It’s hosted on the Contour Community pages. Feel free to check out my stories at http://contour.com/users/t3h_clap.

Run #2

Run #3

Run #4

Feel free to ask any questions, comments, or suggestions about the setup. The only thing I plan on changing is to a higher class MicroSD card and attempting to fix the excessive wind noise on the audio.

Thanks for reading,

PS; be sure to check back soon for the write up on the past two AutoX events with Martin Sports Car Club. They are long over due.

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  1. I am glad to see your GPS data is as far out of sync as mine on the contour site 🙂 The Contour GPS is definitely a fun toy though.

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