RPF1 Wheel Spacers In-Stock @ Penguin Garage

We hinted at this potentially happening a while back. Our close friends at Penguin Garage have started stocking the Clap Consulting spec Enkei RPF1 Spacers. These top of the line spacers are made by Motorsport-Tech.


The team at Motorsport-Tech has been making these spacers for many of our Consulting Clients. Since Motorsport-Tech is 100% custom made to order there can be a delay, Penguin Garage is removing that delay. Penguin Garage currently has 9 pairs unclaimed ready to ship.

The Clap Consulting spec Enkei RPF1 spacers are dual drilled 5mm spacers with a 56.1 hub bore and 73mm wheel bore. They are hub and wheel centric to the Subaru Impreza and the Enkei RPF1s.

These will work on any Subaru 5×100 or 5×114.3 looking to clear brembos with any of the flat/concave face RPF1s.

17×9.5 +38mm and 18×10 +38mm are the two most common that require the 5mm spacer to clear STi Brembo Brakes.

Penguin Garage can also supply you with RPF1s, ARP wheel studs and lug nuts to complete the combo. Penguin Garage is also accepting custom orders for Motorsport-Tech spacers including the Clap Consulting Spec NT03+M spacers.

The crew at Penguin Garage are currently setting up their web storefront. Anyone looking to order fire off an email to sales@PenguinGarage.com be sure to tell them who sent you. 🙂

Is it bad I want to buy these 5mm spacers simply to have an excuse to buy a set of 18×10 RPF1s? LOL.

One thought on “RPF1 Wheel Spacers In-Stock @ Penguin Garage”

  1. Hey there! I have some NT03+M’s in 18×9.5 +40 (5×100) on my 2012 WRX. Problem is I just installed a StopTech ST40 328 mm brake kit and the wheels only clear at the spokes by about 1.5 mm. Too close for my comfort.

    Is there any update on the NT03 wheel spacers you mentioned above? I like the idea of having the spacers themselves also act as the hub centric adapter (I think the NT03+M has the same bore as the RPF1, but I’m not certain).

    I only need 2–3 mm of spacer. Any more than that and I’ll have to do fender work to the front (running a 265 profile tire), which I’m not keen to do. Any news on the spacers you mentioned above would be appreciated! Thank you for all the info!

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