Clap Consulting Testimonials

Bruce’s, aka Neanderthal Racing, Testimonial on IWSTI

“i am really happy to announce this:

i was gone for so long, i didn’t know drew had his own help/consultation website until i came back and started picking his brain about a square setup for the gtr. when i needed to choose the right wheels and tires for cutn edg to serve double duty at the track and street (before we saved the street from it), i pm’d him.

you can search blogs for an answer to your wheel or tire question or you can go right to him. it’s a no brainer for me. i’m honored to have him as a sponsor.”

Neanderthal Racing Journal on IWSTI (Careful it’s Epic)


Billy’s, aka VSGTS14, Testimonial on IWSTI

“i think i have pmed drew 358 times regarding wheels and tires. i go through them like candy. we landed a decision for my next wheels for the STi, but i’m keeping it under wraps until i actually get them OR if i change my mind again..

drew knows all and is so nice and helpful. it’s amazing how much knowledge he accumulated regarding wheels and tires and suspension…we even have wheels picked out for my fr-s!”

Billy’s Journal on IWSTI


Jake’s, aka black_night06, Testimonial on IWSTI

“Seriously, Drew is the man.

I wasn’t the FIRST person to have the fabled Karlton Flares and have them installed but I was the SECOND and when it came to a wheels and tires choice as well as a bit of suspension tweaking Drew was the man with MANY plans all at various price ranges based on what I could (and couldn’t but wanted to) afford.

His knowledge base, expertise, and overall positive and helpful attitude are invaluable.”

 Jake’s Journal on IWSTI

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