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Boostjunkie From Daily to Track Monster

I’d be willing to bet 90% of the people who read this blog know the car I’m about to feature. It isn’t one of those cars that’s known because it has 11ty billion dollars worth of body work or a huge stereo. This car is known because the car is a subtle well built 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX STI with all the right parts.

About Dan aka BoostJunkie:

Dan began doing HPDE events in 2004, right after he bought his STi. A family friend suggested that Dan and his dad sign up for an event at VIR. No question, Dan was hooked.

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One Step Further (08 STi 18×9.5 SSR Type-F)

The 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STi had just hit the states, everyone was waiting to see what the car had in store. Some people were going with normal fitments, and some people were taking it one step further. When I saw what Luis had done with his STi I almost fell off my chair. Not only is he running the new SSR Type-Fs but he’s running the 9.5″ version! Luis bought the 08 STi to be a fun Daily Driver/”family” car/Canyon Carver, from the looks of it he hit the nail on the head.

SSR Type-F

Luis 08 STi SSR Type-F 18x9.5

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