AutoX @ OCCC hosted by CFR SCCA on Oct 22nd 2011.

AutoX @ Orange County Convention Center hosted by Central Florida Region SCCA on Oct 22nd 2011.

This is my first run of the day, and there is no question I got lost. You’ll notice I nearly come to a stand still after one of the chicago boxes. I was looking ahead and I was unsure of which way to go. Luckily I chose the right direction. Final time for the run was 55.958 my slowest by time by over 9 seconds. I also was playing with wind noise reduction today, gain is set below 10 and I taped some microphone foam over the microphone. Its an improvement over nothing, but it isn’t perfect yet. As you’ll see there were a few cones in my way I decided to run over, i took one of them all the way back to grid.

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The first run was not confidence inspiring by any means, it was actually pretty painful. I took a few minutes between runs to watch other cars go thru the section I had issues with. This helped alot, I was able to correct many of my mistakes. This run was a 49.022 clean, in my head after this run I kept hearing my friend Aaron telling me to use the gas pedal more and get a little closer to the cones. I knew there was more time left on the course. I was excited for run #3 to say the least.

Run #3, lets call this Run #Iwenttoofasttryingtobefasterandhitsomecones. I tried a more aggressive line in the start and the car got a little sideways, it was fun but SLOW. I ended up hitting a few cones again (3 at least) yet my raw time was the fastest yet of a 49.007. This means one thing, I’m leaving A LOT on the table. After the run I talked to a few fellow competitors to get suggestions about the section where I kept hitting cones. Most said “I’m having issues too”, best one was “slow down”. I listened to him, time for run #4.

Run #4, time to go fast. This run was very fun, unfortunately it appears I bumped the camera prior to the run and it’s not aligned as well. Run #4 was my fastest run of the day for me with a 46.447 clean.

Not only did we have awesome weather and a well run event, we got more than 4 runs! Here is run #5. After my fast run #4 I over drove the car and clipped a cone early, rest of the run I was trying to see if there were spots I could improve. Before my 5th run we were told we would get 5 runs, so after I coned it was time to have some fun. Little did I know there was enough time for a 6th!

Run #6, knowing this was the last run I tried to take everything I learned from the previous runs and push it a little harder. There were a few spots that I could still improve, but clipping off another made me very happy. I’ve had a few events where I can’t ever seem to match my fastest run and it always feels like a fluke. Being able to do the 6th run and get into the 46’s was awesome. Perfect way to end a day of racing.

Overall I finished 1st in my class (if you follow the blog on facebook you know that I was the only competitor in BSP today. 😆 ).

I did see a local EVO that I run with in SM though, so after the event I tracked down his times and he beat my best 46.447 by .045 seconds!!! Talk about close competition. I think I’m gonna switch to SM tomorrow and run with a bigger group.

All and all, a great event. Huge thanks to the crew @ CFR SCCA Solo ( and the OCCC for letting us have the event there.

(Note: some videos are still be processed so they may not work right away)

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