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Volk Racing ZE40 2018 STI. Perfection.

This will be short, this will be sweet.

18×9.5 +45mm Volk Racing ZE40s in Matte Blue

275/35/18 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

THAT’S IT! The newer STIs are a blast to drive in stock trim. They may be more refined and less raw compared to the older models but that doesn’t take away the joy. The only thing the STI NEEDS right away (besides a Cylinder 4 coolant mode) is a proper set of 18×9.5s and some sticky 275/35/18 tires.

DO IT, look how perfect this is! That is all. Enjoy.

(SOLD): 18×9.5 +38mm GramLight 57Optimise

A set of rare GramLights popped up on the market a week or two ago. Someone is going to have a sweet setup.

FS: GramLight 57Optimise White (IWSTI)

These clear Brembos on the STi and would be a great fit on a 2008-2011 STi or a nice aggressive setup on a 2005-2007 STi. The owner is getting me a few more photos to post up but here are the specs.

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